Tyler, The Creator Fans Go Nuts On Woman Who 'Banned' Him From Australia

Tyler, The Creator was set to tour in Australia this fall, but he is saying he had to cancel his shows because he was allegedly banned from the country.

While his claim conflicts with that of the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, which says it's still deciding, Tyler and his fans are now directing their attention to one person only.

It all started with this tweet at a woman named Coralie Alison.

T IS NOW BANNED FROM AUSTRALIA, YOU WON @CoralieAlison IM HAPPY FOR YOU <3 — Tyler, The Creator (@fucktyler) July 27, 2015

According to Mashable, Tyler believes the director of operations at the women's advocacy group Collective Shout, Coralie Alison, was the one who supposedly got him banned.

In June, Collective Shout sent a letter to Immigration Minister Peter Dutton petitioning to not allow Tyler's performances saying his "misogynistic hate speech against women" was intolerable.

While the group was definitely not wrong, it also might've not understood the force it was dealing with as Tyler's Odd Future fans are some of the most sick and twisted on the Internet.

The hate tweets all started flying toward Alison.

@CoralieAlison you're what's wrong with this country — Kritta (@Thrashmattle) July 28, 2015

People started getting really pissed off at her...

@CoralieAlison stupid feminist asshole! You ruined everything — Hemmatron (@actualfuckboys) July 28, 2015

...and started questioning what she was really doing.

@CoralieAlison it's all true. You're the reason feminism isn't taken serious. You're fighting for weak, no related causes.. — Yadadi Yamamoto (@LesPaulMHMG) July 27, 2015

After a while, she began just retweeting everything.

But even they had something to say about that.

Then things started getting weird.

@CoralieAlison Don't make me go all bashur on you and Fuck you in the ass — StealthTrick (@StealthXTrick) July 28, 2015

Really, really weird.

@CoralieAlison I fucking hate you go drink bleach and rub your vagina with a cheese grater you nasty old hag. — (Frankie) Flvcks (@FrankieTheGod) July 28, 2015

Not everything has been negative; Alison has many supporters, too.

@CoralieAlison Your strength of character and courage is inspiring, I can't believe what I'm reading - revolting. Many stand beside you! — Sarah Radford (@Sraddie) July 28, 2015

Many women believe what she is doing is courageous.

@CoralieAlison thank you for standing up against misogynistic assholes. sorry bout the hate. at least you're standing up for your rights. xx — jacy (@Ioljauregui) July 28, 2015

But for every one of those, there is one of these.

@CoralieAlison youre a dumb bitch. — _crystalpasic (@crystalpasic) July 28, 2015

The violent and super misogynistic responses aren't going to help Tyler get into the country any time soon.

But maybe one day they can squash the beef and get some tea together!

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