The 16 Chill Songs To Get You Through Any Day

by Samantha Metzger

I love EDM more than the next person (although I actually hate the term ‘EDM’ probably because I was listening to electronic music before this whole wave of EDM happened over the last two years or so). I will go to great lengths to dance to some really good music. You know, spend money on an overnight trip to see a show and then starve for a week.

When music is feeding your mind and soul, it’s pretty much worth it. However, after going to many concerts over the last few months I’ve found myself preferring chiller sound, one that I can groove to and relax with. However, this doesn’t mean I can even remotely sit still with them on. If you’re like me, and enjoy a nice variety of songs that don’t attack your eardrums when you listen to them, here is a nice mix of songs for you to enjoy.

If I could just post this song sixteen times and have it be the entire list, I would. This song picks me up out of any bad mood I am ever in. It makes me feel euphoric and even gives me the same great feelings of first developing a crush on someone. The groovy tempo could make anyone smile and just like the song says, make you feel good. I mean, really good.

I heard about Chris Malinchak after the Electric Zoo lineup had been announced. Immediately I Googled him up and found this song, what followed next became almost mandatory. I started listening to it on repeat for days. This song has a chill beat with an even chiller vocal that leaves you wanting close your eyes and relax.

Before I had found this remix I had been listening to the original version and loved the sound “Daughter” was producing. The song itself has soulful vocals depicting a story of what I see as self-reflection. This song contains one of my favorite lyrics ever written, “And if you’re in love, then you are the lucky one, cause most of us are bitter over someone, setting fire to our insides for fun; to distract our hearts from ever missing them, but I’m forever missing him.” This is just pure magic.

Again just like the previous song, I had been listening to Banks which if you haven’t done so you should definitely get on that. This Snakehips remix puts a groovy spin on this melody of this song, which will leave you incapable of sitting still. “I got this thing for you, if you come closer I can whisper in your ear.” Yeah, if this song doesn’t make you feel sexy then something is wrong.

Of course we all know how big of a hit, “Hold On We’re Going Home,” from Drake’s current album is. From the short-film style music video to the Internet sensation of “#starbucksdrakehands,” this has been a song that gets stuck in our heads from the first time we hear it. A friend of mine had posted this remix when the song first leaked and I found myself playing this version a lot more. An amazing nu disco style mix to any rap song makes me a happy girl.

I randomly heard this song on Soundcloud one night and instantly ‘liked’ it. You know when certain songs just bring you back to certain moments of your life? This song with its slight pop sound, yet very relaxed tone reminds me of being at the beach in the summer time. This catchy tune is sure to bring you back to a happy time in your life.

There is nothing I love more than a chill deep house mix that makes me involuntarily sway my hips to. This song is definitely one of those tunes. After a minute or two of soft beats the vocals slowly fade inward, “I couldn’t help it, I had to see you again, can’t understand it, just want to feel you again, I couldn’t help it cause I’m falling in love with you.” Just, ah.

Right in the description, Giraffage leaves simple instructions: “Turn your speakers up and let love envelope your mind and your body.” Which is exactly how I feel when listening to this song. It’s one of those sounds you can have on the highest volume of your speakers while you lay in bed, which is exactly what I do. Grab a book and relax to this one.

It is likely that you’ve already heard this amazing remix by Cyril Hahn, and if you haven’t then get ready for your newest addiction. But also get ready to find yourself stalking his Soundcloud listening to whatever else this man has produced. Hahn puts Destiny’s Child’sSay My Name” into a slower tempo, making it sexier than the original song could have ever been.

I am a huge fan of The Knocks and I am a huge fan of Viceroy so finding this song was heaven. My favorite part about this entire song is the lyrics, ‘you’re the only one who can keep me dancing.’ And this song does exactly that: keeps you dancing.

I was talking to this guy and he told me to listen to this song and since then it’s been on repeat. Note* if you’re a guy and you recommend any amazing tune to a girl who adores music as much as me, you just win. The tags on this song are, ‘pop’ ‘soul’ and ‘r&b’, which is exactly how I can describe this one. It’s an amazing track that my friends and I now play on full blast while singing all the words; definitely THE uplifting song.

This song is just sex, I don’t even know what else to say about it. Finnebassen is one of those artists that takes his tunes deep and with this is a remix of Retrograde by James Blake he does exactly that. If you need a song to add to your sex playlist, this is the one.

I have been a huge fan of Goldroom for a while now so when this song was released I was already in love and in repeat-mode. Ariela Jacobs’ vocals on this track really flow with the entire vibe of the song. It’s a song that permanently plants a smile on your face with no intention of ever taking it away. Note* if you’ve never listened to Goldroom or any mixes done by Goldroom, I definitely suggest you explore the Soundcloud.

I am a new fan of Amtrac and I am so glad I am because the man’s tunes are perfect. Amtrac had been the opening performer during Kaskade’s “Atmosphere” tour, which I was in attendance for his stops in both Miami and NYC. After hearing him in Miami my friends and I were wondering, “Who is this?” and quickly followed with “OMG he is so good.” which was then followed by me coming back to New York and stalking his Soundcloud and listening to all his tunes. I’m not sure if I’m late with this one but I have no intention of giving this obsession up.

This song right here literally makes me feel like I am floating or in some sort of dream. One of my favorite MGMT songs slowed down, this interpretation of the song accurately gives meaning to the lyrics, “turn me on with your electric feel.”

Ryan Hemsworth has to be one of my favorite artists right now. He is the definition of chill and after I had heard his remix of Frank Ocean's “Thinking Of You,” I was hooked. Naturally, I went and checked out his Soundcloud, and found this which has become a favorite of mine ever since.

And as an added bonus:

After I saw Cashmere Cat perform before Diplo during Diplo's “secret” show after Electric Zoo's day three got canceled, I was more in love than I was before with his music. Cashmere Cat creates a very chill vibe with all his songs, but you could definitely find yourself dancing till your feet are numb to some of his tunes. It's always either or, but either way you're smiling.

Top photo courtesy of Tumblr