Why The T-Swift 'Starbucks Lovers' Mishap Is Good PR For Both Brands

by Becky Wells

Taylor Swift, who celebrates her 25th birthday today, is currently winning the Internet with her perfectly misheard song lyric, “Starbucks lovers” in her new single, "Blank Space."

While Taylor claims she’s singing, “Got a long list of ex lovers,” social media has been inundated with endless tweets and comments from fans swearing to have heard her singing of her love affair with the world’s biggest beverage chain.

Which, personally, I think makes for a much catchier song lyric, anyway.

The misinterpretations have ranged from, “Get along with Starbucks lovers,” to “Got them lonely Starbucks lovers.” But, either way, the cozy coffee coupling is gaining high rise across the Internet.

While I’m sure Starbucks is grateful for the unintentional promotion from Taylor and her Swifties, apparently we pick up on this because, subconsciously, we’re more used to reaching for a tasty morning beverage than going through a list of long and embarrassing ex lovers.

But, while Tay continues to deny her accidental coffee promotion, perhaps there’s more of a market for her Starbucks lovers than she initially thought.

1. Coffee can wake you up

If you’re not lucky enough to be greeted with the joys of morning sex on a regular basis, become an early morning coffee lover, instead, for the proven capabilities it has to stimulate your senses at the start of your day.

Just the smell of the hot stuff can be enough to keep you perky and motivated on the daily grind of the real world, not to mention an extra boost to keep you concentrating on your international business deals.

2. Coffee is packed with antioxidants

Within the average American’s diet, coffee is one of the main sources of antioxidants to our bodies, with some studies showing that it can even be the number one source of oxidant goodness within certain diets.

While normally associated with fruits and vegetables, antioxidants have a huge heap of health benefits, such as boosting the immune system, keeping skin clear and even helping prevent further illnesses, such as heart disease or diabetes.

Can my hazelnut latte count as one of my 5 A Day yet?!

3. Coffee can make you better at sports

Many athletes are well aware of the benefits of coffee, as a cup before partaking in sports activities can increase performance.

Primarily within long distance and endurance events, such as running and cycling, caffeine has the ability to increase fatty acids within the blood stream.

This is good news for fitness fans, as this means there’s more fuel for the body’s muscles. While this aid is normally found in energy drinks and post-workout supplements, coffee also does the trick to provide natural benefits during that Instagram-worthy gym session.

4. Coffee can help you lose weight

Ever notice how you're so busy making cups of the good stuff you never get around to eating your lunch in the middle?

Coffee has the ability to help sustain appetite, with men in particular, reducing our need to add a blueberry muffin to our regular order.

Caffeine is also known for increasing metabolic rate, as well as increasing the amount of adrenaline in the body, which helps increase fat burning capabilities. Who needs the gym when you can stock up on espresso? (World's worst advice -- don't listen to that.)

5. Coffee can lower the risks of depression

As well as that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when taking your well-earned sip of daily juice, a Harvard study recently highlighted that the caffeine from coffee can also help aid depression, especially within women, creating a happy household, courtesy of a cup of java.

Rewarding your hard work with a deserved treat in a form of your speciality coffee order also adds warm fuzzies to the stresses of everyday life -- any excuse for another quick coffee break!

So, maybe the Swiftress was right all along; whether lonely, or they’re getting along, the creators of "Starbucks lovers" know exactly what they’re doing.

Plus, don’t forget the ultimate desire for making your coffee personal that has made Starbucks what it is today: “I’ve got a blank space baby, and I’ll write your name.”