Snoop Dogg Found The Easter Bunny On 4/20 Because Of Course He Did

Snoop Dogg is a complex man, but he's also fascinated by the simplest coincidences. On Easter, and 4/20, Snoop discovered the Easter Bunny hanging outside of his window. He was excited.

Doobie clad, undoubtedly already fresh off several doobies, Snoop took to Instagram to share the moment with the world.

"The real f*cking Easter Bunny," he sagely opined, as "Teach Me How To Dougie" played in the background.

Then he continued his 4/20 Easter, which included paying homage to Christ, smoking the sweetest of cheebah, inhaling the ickiest of dank and, of course, dropping it with smoldering magma at the Last Supper: