Rihanna Just Dropped Brand New Single 'Work' With Drake

Getty Images

Drake and Rihanna are the reasons you will be getting absolutely no work done today.

Ever since we knew Rihanna's album was in production, the world as a whole has been anxiously waiting for ANTI to drop. And while rumor has it we may actually have our prayers answered with a release sometime this week, Rihanna gave us a small gift this morning by leaking a track off the album.

The song is called “Work,” and it features Drake. *slowly melts into a puddle*


Rihanna is audio heroin.

THANK YOU...  Please put down the gun, Kris.

Here is the sad truth because nothing in this world is pure joy and perfection is unattainable unless your last name is “Styles” or “Hammer” (That's his full last name, right? Like, his full last name isn't ArmieHammer, right?): In order to listen to more than a sample of the song, you need to buy a subscription to TIDAL.

I will probably never say these words ever again, but you should consider buying a subscription to TIDAL.

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