6 Ways Music Streaming Has Made Your Life Better

By Gigi Engle

Loving music is the only thing every single person can agree on.

Perhaps we won’t all concur on a favorite genre, but everyone can agree music is awesome.

It brings people together and gives them a reason to dance. We have a song for every mood, a song for every occasion, a favorite tune for every memory.

The world would be a sad, dark place without the existence of music.

Luckily, getting your fill has never been easier thanks to music streaming.

Streaming has made accessing all of your favorite tunes and artists a breeze. You can collect all your favorites in one place and listen anytime you want.

With T-Mobile's Music Freedom, you’ll have unlimited music possibilities without the hassle of extra fees. Just grab your headphones and go.

Modern technology is such a fantastic thing. You’ll never have to go without your precious playlists ever again.

Here are six ways music streaming has made your life so much better:

You can make unlimited playlists for any state of mind.

We all have certain playlists to fit with how we’re feeling at any given moment. There will always be music to fit your mood.

Whether it’s your 'Shower Mix' or your 'Chill' playlist, you’ll have an all-access pass to sort and mesh your tunes to your liking.

You finally have the ability to mix and match from different albums from different artists, from all over the world.

Streaming makes music super accessible.

With the help of music streaming, getting ahold of your favorite albums is easy.

There are no limits to what you can listen to. You can obtain any music you want, globally.

You can get any song, from any artist, from anywhere in the world in just seconds.

It’s as simple as a search. There’s no more waiting around for what you want. It’s just a few clicks away.

You can listen to your favorite artists for free.

The only thing better than music is free music.

The best thing about music streaming is you can finally build up an awesome collection for free.

With T-Mobile’s Music Freedom, you can listen to whatever you want, for as long as you want, without ever shelling out extra cash for data -- all on T-Mobile's Data Strong network.

We used to stand in line at the record store waiting to roll out the dough for our band’s favorite records, but now we're able to hear whatever we want, whenever we want, with the click of a mouse.

Your music can come with you anywhere.

Remember the days of boom boxes and CD players? Getting your music on the go used to be a real pain.

You’d need your CDs, your CD or MP3 player and whatever clunky headphone you were using to go anywhere.

Now, you just need a cell phone and an Internet connection.

Your streaming apps will let you listen to your music wherever you are so you can take your music with you while you’re finishing up your busy to-do list.

Sharing music with friends is super easy.

One thing you want to do the second you find a choice new song is to be able to send it to your besties. When you discover a jam that speaks to you, you need everyone you know to get on board.

With music streaming, it’s simple to share your music with your friends. You can tweet what you’re listening to, quote a DJ or just straight up share it via Facebook.

Your social network will engage with what you’re listening to. And friends who share music are the closest friends.

You can find new artists you may have never discovered on your own.

One the coolest features to come from free music streaming is exposure to lesser-known artists you might've otherwise never known.

With the whole Internet just waiting to be explored, music streaming has the power to connect you with a whole new world of artists who you may have never found unless you took the time to search for them.

Music streaming can completely change your life.