The 30 Things Everyone Absolutely Hates About Raves

by Daniel Lampert

Everyone loves a good rave these days. Whether you're going to see your favorite DJ, or going to one of the biggest festivals, it's just all very exciting. And what is still so new to our society has become the social norm: raves are the newest thing for us to do.

Let's be real, who doesn't have a good time dancing around for six hours straight to the music we all know?

But often times, we overlook the aspects that piss us off because raves make us happy. Well, we shouldn't forget those things, so let us remind you of The Top 30 Things We Hate About Raves. Give this list a look and let me know if you can relate to some of these.

1. When the DJ you come to see sucks

There are some DJs you should get your hopes for, but for most -- don't get ahead of yourself. It's the worst feeling when you get your hopes shot down. If all else fails, go find a guy or a girl and make the night fun.

2. The moment you realize you are surrounded by dudes

There comes a point in the night when you venture into the crowd and think you have found the perfect spot, then BOOM, you are surrounded by dudes. Whether you are a guy or a girl, this can be very overwhelming.

3. When you run out of molly

Regardless of what people think about it, molly has become a staple of EDM culture and people take it. For all my drug heads out there, the moment you realize you've run out of molly is stressful and sometimes overwhelming. Don't worry when you do run out, though, it's essentially God's way of telling you to save the brain cells you have left.

4. Spilling or losing your water

Water is precious at these things, so be careful. You never want to be the guy who spills and/or loses the water. It's definitely not a good look.

5. The couple who is making out the entire time

Why spend a boatload of money on tickets when you guys just want to make out? You can spend less money and get a hotel room or, better yet, stay home!

6. When you realize you are surrounded by children who are clearly still in high school

These shows are 18+ for a reason. When you get to be 18, then you can come.

7. When someone ugly stands in front of you

No matter what show you go to, there will be ugly people. When a hot girl or guy steps in front of you, everything is all good, but all it takes is that one ugly person to ruin your good time.

8. The people who are too drunk for life and shouldn’t be there

Drinking is fun and all and who doesn't like being f*cked up at show, but know your limits. Honestly there is no reason to be that drunk mess, you look dumb.

9. The person who is too old to be there

EDM is a scene for youth, if you are old and want to come, please try to blend in. Don't be the old person raging and being laughed at. This is a quick way to end up on YouTube or Instagram and embarrass your children for the rest of their lives.

10. When you run out of water

The worst feeling in the entire world is running out of water. For safety purposes, when you run out of water, go get more. Also be careful with whom you share water, it's a very easy way to get some sort of oral STD.

11. People who wear things that reference drugs

We get it. Molly and other drugs are big at these events, but you don't need to publicize it. No one cares where molly is, if people need it, I am sure they can find it.

12. The people who wear outfits not fit for their bodies

This is more for the girls, please for all of our sakes, wear clothing that fits your body type. It's fun and all to dress up, but the people around you don't like it.

13. When someone freakishly tall steps in front of you

There is always that assh*le who is way too tall. A message for all the tall people..remember back in school when they made all the tall people stand in the back? Well this rule applies to you at shows, don't venture forward for the sake of everyone's viewing pleasure.

14. People who try too hard

You know who you are.

15. The person who has way too much Kandi on

Everyone loves Kandi and all, but why cover your entire arm and face with it? It seems almost silly and uncomfortable. If you want to share your Kandi with other people, just bring a bag and pass it out.

16. When you are the awkwardly sober one

There comes a time when you have to be the sober one at a rave, make the best of it please. You paid for a ticket, don't be that sober assh*le.

17. The person who is drenched in sweat

When you go to a rave, you are normally there for several hours, why does it look like you just got out of the shower? If you get hot, simply leave the crowd and relax for a bit, then come back in, no one around you in the crowd appreciates you -- regardless of how well you can dance.

18. The price of tickets

Promotional companies are really capitalizing on the growth of EDM and its popularity. Well f*ck you promotional companies, the price of tickets are absurd and you are draining our wallets.

19. Assh*le security guards

You are paid to stand there, please just stand there or at least dance with us.

20. Bathroom lines

Why is it that festivals and concerts don't realize we all have to pee eventually? It's the dumbest thing in the entire world that they have like 10 bathrooms for 8,000 people, it's just not sanitary.

21. The price of water

Whoever runs these things should realize we all need water. When you are charging 5 dollars, we don't want to buy the water. Why should we go broke over something that should be free? We pay upwards of 100 dollars per ticket, water should be included.

22. People who are just awkwardly standing there

If you don't want to dance, leave the crowd, we would all appreciate the extra space. You people know who you are.

23. When it is so crowded you can't move

Promotional companies for safety purposes sell fewer tickets than capacity. I would much rather pay more for a ticket than be packed in like sardines.

24. People who try to have deep conversations with you

When we go to concerts, we are going there to dance and have fun. If you want to have a deep conversation, we can talk after, not during the show. Please just shut up!

25. Furry anything

The furry thing is weird people. Don't you people get hot?

26. Losing your friends

Probably the scariest thing to happen to someone at a rave. People are nice and all, but when you come with friends, you want to stay with friends. And if you are a girl, find your friends ASAP for you own safety.

27. Guido juice heads who go way too hard

"The Jersey Shore" was on point with what Guido juice heads do at concerts. They fist pump and go way too hard. If you guys want to do that, step to the side. And, for all of our sakes, a rave is not the time to get roid rage.

28.  Classless girls

What would your parents think if they saw you half naked on drugs or absurdly drunk?

29. How you feel the next day

No matter if you are hungover or coming down from some sort of drug, the next day sucks. Whatever, none of us can complain, you will get over it.

30. People making stupid decisions

Raves are fun and all, but remember just to be careful. What outsiders hate about raves is the possibility of people getting hurt. Let's prove them wrong and show the world EDM is about the music, not the other things that have become associated with it.