#TBT: This Letter Dr. Dre Wrote His Girlfriend In 1995 Shows He's Just Like Us

Dr. Dre is one of the most powerful men in the music industry. He had a great run with the music itself, but now his iPhonization of headphones has placed him in another tier of mogul. But things weren't always this way.

Back in 1995, Dre was preparing to film "California Love" with Tupac, and also convince his girlfriend, Nicole, to "quit f*ckin wit Sedale and come home to (her) Doctor."

The fact that in his personal life Dre uses the doctor alter ego in a sexual way is hilarious. Come over here baby, and let the doctor find out what's wrong with you, ooohhh yeaaahhhh, my stethoscope says your heart is pounding, what did I tell you? Sedale can never read your vitals like this, girl.

Dre also thinks making some money off Burning Man is a good idea, because really, he'd like to make money wherever there is an opportunity. Check out this incredible snapshot of the times in full:

Coming straight out of Burning Man! A crazy businessman named Dr. Dre! Who has the best approach for sweet talking ladies!

Liquid gold Capri Sun special edition worthy words right here.

via Bullett, Top Photo Credit: Shutterstock