Take The Quiz: How Did Your Favorite Rappers Get Their Names?

How did Jay Z, Drake, Snoop Dogg and many others get their names? Can you pick out the real origin, or will you be fooled by the fake? Take this quiz below, and check out the full list of answers underneath:

Snoop Dogg aka Snoop Lion aka Snoopzilla

This man has more names than God.

A) Snoop Dogg got his name because he was a notorious sleuth in his youth.

B) Snoop Dogg picked his name after his mom told him he looked like Snoopy.

Jay Z

A) A combination of the two trains (J and Z) that he rode home to Marcy.

B) A jack of his mentor Jaz O's of "Hawaiian Sophie" fame.


A) A play on his initials.

B) An acknowledgement of his whiny, feminine voice.

Wiz Khalifa

A) Taken from an Arabic word meaning successor and wisdom.

B) It's his favorite Persian sandwich.


A) What the f*ck is a Papoose?

B) His grandmother thought he looked Native American as a child.

Rick Ross

A) Stolen from a famous drug dealer.

B) Taken from his favorite prisoner, who would always bake him delicious radiator cakes.

Waka Flocka Flame

A) Take from Fozzie on "Muppet Babies."

B) A play on his first name.

Gucci Mane

A) He was created in a Fendi lab for sabotage promotion.

B) His grandmother gave his father that name, not knowing what Gucci was. Gucci then adopted it from his father.

A$AP Rocky

A) He loves acronyms.

B) A$AP stands for Always Strive And Prosper, and Rocky is a play on his first name Rakim.

Childish Gambino

A) He's a clown rapper and should stick to acting.

B) An automatic Wu-Tang name creator robot spit it out at him.


A) You can't go around calling yourself Aubrey.

B) It's his middle name.

50 Cent

A) Taken from a famous Brooklyn stickup kid.

B) The cost of his favorite snacks growing up.

Ice Cube

A) A nickname his brother gave him for trying to be too cool with the ladies.

B) As a child, he hated warm beverages.


A) Because he's sweet.

B) After his favorite pimp, Iceberg Slim.

Answers: (B, Both, A, A, B, A, Both, B, B, B, Both, A, A, B)

Top Photo Credit: Getty Images