Eminem Reveals Who His Top 5 MCs Of All-Time Are

It's been a long time since Eminem was in the news everyday. But with the release of his MMLP2 on Tuesday, Marshall is making a frenetic publicity run in order to promote the album.

Recently, he went on his own Shade 45 radio station to sit down with Sway and discuss the creation of "Rap God," and the all-time greatest rappers. Eminem on the creation of "Rap God":

But things got really interesting when Em was asked about the Top 5 in rap:

But who are in Em's Top 5?:

So there you have it. Convoluted, but some solid answers. Now maybe Eminem can start studying the greats and get back to greatness himself.

Via: Hot New Hip Hop, Top Image Credit: WENN