From 'Molly' To 'The Drop': Your Ultimate Cheat Sheet For EDM Slang

by Daniel Lampert

Raves have become common fixtures in modern society. We're slowly but surely adopting this music as our own, allowing it to both represent and to shape this generation.

Just like rock n roll and hip hop, there are certain terms that are commonly used at electronic dance music shows that anyone planning on attending might want to learn.

This list below is comprised of the top 25 terms you should know before heading to a rave. The drug references below are simply a part of the culture and are in no way meant to give people the wrong ideas.

This list is in no specific order, but let us know what you think and if we are missing anything!

1. Plur

Peace, Love, Unity, Respect. This is probably the most important concept to ravers.

2. Kandi

This is a term describing the colorful bracelets that kids and/or adults wear at shows, often times you see people giving away these bracelets as a sign of respect or love.

3. Molly

It's usually an unknown substance that may or may not contain what people think is MDMA; despite being marketed as pure, it can often be cut with different things that are harmful to the body. So be careful.

4. "E"

"E" is short for ecstasy and is MDMA that is condensed into a hard pill and mixed with a bunch of other f*cked up drugs.

5. Rolling face

This is the term used for an individual who is either on molly or Ecstasy, you can easily tell if someone is “rolling face” by looking at his or her pupils -- they are normally MASSIVE!

6. Rolling Tits

This term signifies that someone is rolling way harder than everyone else.


The phrase was first used by Flosstradamus, it is the combination of the word PLUR + Turnt Up = PLURNT.

8. Rave Bunny

This is the crazy girl at a rave scene. You can definitely find this individual rocking some ridiculous outfit that can only be seen at a rave. She's normally wearing furry boots, lots of Kandi and probably not a lot of clothing.

9. Light Show

This may seem a bit self-explanatory, but light shows at concerts normally involve the use of glow sticks and/or LED gloves. Such light shows often attract the attention of people who are rolling due to the euphoric feeling the LED lights can give them.

10. The Shuffle

The shuffle is the all-encompassing dance the majority of people do at raves. It's simply shuffling your feet back and forth, bobbing your head left to right and, of course, a lot of arm movements to make it seem as if you're dancing.

11. Fist Pump

This term, made famous by "The Jersey Shore," still finds its way into the rave scene today. It is when an individual simply puts his or her arms in the air and moves them like he or she just doesn’t care. Watch out for first pumpers, they're normally working with closed fists, don’t get hit in the face!

12. Molly Water

Simple enough.

13. Candy Flipping

It's the very dangerous combination of Molly + LSD: drugs are never advised.

14. Tranced out

Going for long periods of time listening to trance? You might be tranced out (e.g. when seeing Above & Beyond or Armin Van Buuren).

15. That drop

These days, the drops can be repetitive, but when you hear that one drop that makes you go nuts, you know it was “that drop.”

16. The Come Down

This phase is comprised of the after-effects of rolling and/or just a massive hangover from alcohol.

17. Oil or Wax

Often times you come across people at raves smoking what looks like a pen of some sort. You may have the courage to ask what it is they are smoking. Oil and Wax are a condensed version of marijuana, which often have higher THC concentrations resulting in a stronger high.

18. So mainstream

"Levels" by Avicii.

19. Put Your F*ckin Hands Up

It's self-explanatory, don’t be that person who doesn’t want to put his or her hands up when the beat drops.

20. The Banger

That one song that makes you go absolutely wild. When you know, you know!

21. Have You Seen Molly?

There are always a select few who are searching, if you hear someone say this popular phrase, you should know he or she isn’t looking for your friend, your girlfriend or your sister.

22. The Headliner

This the term given to the main DJ or act of the night.

23. Sweatin'

This term is often used to refer to the individual who is profusely sweating from either too much alcohol consumption or the ingestion of different drugs.

24. Prizm Glasses

These are diffraction glasses that change the way the lights look. They blur your vision and give everything a trippy feeling.

25. Yay or Blow

These are some slang terms referring to cocaine, individuals may choose this drug over molly or "E" at a rave due to the energy it gives the individual.

Top Photo Courtesy: Tumblr