Dr. Dro Analyzes The Worst Things Eminem Ever Said About Kim Mathers

by Doran Miller-Rosenberg

Eminem is dropping a triple double this month. His new record, MMLP2 has gone platinum. He's got an extensive interview with the BBC in the middle of his biggest publicity run in years. And now, he's apparently rekindled his romance with his ex-wife Kim Scott Mathers, but to what end?

For years, one of Eminem's favorite schticks was threatening Kim's life in his music, even referring to her as his "baby's mother" when he'd talk about killing her. His actual relationship with the woman is incalculably more complicated than his music suggests, but according to Kim, his abuse caused her to attempt suicide.

Now that they may be getting back together, let's look at the most horrible things he has ever said to her. We've asked expert Dr. Dro to analyze some of the lyrics (his responses are in italics) and tell us what they say about the future of Kim and Marshall's relationship. Maybe Kim will realize Eminem really is a great guy underneath it all:

"Quit crying b*tch, why do you always make me shout at you / How could you just leave me and love him out the blue / Oh, what's the matter Kim, am I too loud for you / Too bad b*tch, you're gonna finally hear me out this time"

A lot of Eminem's rage comes from his feelings of impotence, and not being heard in his relationship with Kim. Her refusal to acknowledge his homicidal rage emasculates him, and needs to be worked on if the relationship is to move forward.

"At first, I'm like aight, you wanna throw me out, that's fine / But not for him to take my place, are you out your mind / This couch, this TV, this whole house is mine / How could you let him sleep in our bed look it Kim / Look at your husband now (no) I said look at him"

Much of Eminem's violent obsession with Kim surrounds her relationships with other men, both real and imagined. Marshall seems less interested in a relationship with Kim based around equality and respect, and more fascinated with sole possession of her. Being able to own and degrade her while no other man can so much as look at her isn't Marshall's fantasy, though, so much as catching her with someone else and giving into his murderous lust.

"You really f*cked me Kim, you really did a number on me / Never knew me cheatin' on you would come back to haunt me / But we was kids then Kim, I was only eighteen / That was years ago, I thought we wiped the slate clean"

Eminem believes his sexual indiscretions outside of the relationship are somehow less important than Kim's, which doesn't bode well for any infidelity in their new relationship.

"You were supposed to love me / Now bleed bitch, bleed"

This is Eminem's subconscious wish for closure in the relationship.

"C'mon Hai-Hai, we going to the beach / Grab a couple of toys and let da-da strap you in the car seat / Oh where's mama? She's taking a little nap in the trunk / Oh that smell? Da-da musta runned over a skunk / Now I know what you're thinking - it's kind of late to go swimming / But you know your mama, she's one of those type of women / That do crazy things, and if she don't get her way, she'll throw a fit / Don't play with da-da's toy knife, honey, let go of it (no!) / And don't look so upset, why you acting bashful? / Don't you wanna help da-da build a sand castle? (yeah!) / And mama said she wants to show how far she can float / And don't worry about that little boo-boo on her throat"

The fact that Eminem is able to embrace his murderous desires towards Kim while recognizing and involving their daughter proves nothing is sacred to him. If Kim is dead-set on reentering this relationship, she must do so with caution. As a doctor, I must recommend they have intense counseling sessions weekly, both on their own and with their daughter, whose psyche must be heavily damaged by all she's been exposed to in this toxic environment.

Top Photo Credit: Getty Images