The 20 Reasons Why You Want To Be A DJ

Electric Dance Music is making a lasting impact on the American community. It has grown steadily over the past few years. Now it has reached a following that rivals that of Europe and the rest of the world. Everybody wants to be a DJ now.

Who can blame them? Being a DJ has to be one of the most enjoyable professions around. There is nothing more fun than being able to travel the world and perform at some of the best venues around. Your profession requires you to party and dance, can life get any better?

If these reasons aren’t good enough for you, just imagine thousands of some of the most beautiful women twerking to your songs as you get flashed while you perform.

After witnessing the Ultra Music Festival live stream, it is official that being a DJ is the coolest job on earth. What can be better than the feeling of having thousands of people dancing and having a great time to the music you produce? Here are The 20 Reasons Why You Want To Be A DJ:


20. You can be over 40 and still be dope.

19. White girls show up to your show like this.

18. You don't actually have to know how to read music.

17. You can wear black v-necks for the rest of your life.

16. You can't f*ck up live.

15. You can collaborate with artists from any genre.

14. You will never get shot at.

13. You can be 16 and tour with Lady Gaga.

12. Then you can play at the New York Stock Exchange.

11. You can have "one last tour" after only being around for three years.

10. Your English can suck.

9. Your can date Paris Hilton and not have your career tank.

8. Your dad can open Benihanas and you can still establish yourself as a DJ.

7. You can request ridiculous things on your rider.

6. You can jump into a cake mid-party.

5. You get to have fireworks during your show.

4. You get to travel the world to play the same songs.

3. You can wear a mouse head and not be a creep.

2. You get to see girls twerk to your songs.

1. Because you can get your law degree and still become the best DJ in the world.

Top Photo Credit: Getty Images