The Things You Didn't Know About 2 Chainz

by Julian Sonny

No Lie, 2 Chainz is without a doubt the hottest rapper in the game this summer. With over ten plus years in, he definitely deserves the limelight that his consistent hard work and dedication has brought him.

Irregardless of his cartoon like persona and simplistic street rhymes, you can’t deny the man is on top of his game and he knows how to consistently deliver club anthems.

Here are the things you didn’t know about 2 Chainz.

10. Born in 1976, 2 Chainz didn’t get his big break in the music industry until he reached his mid 30′s – which proves age ain’t nothing but a number

9. 2 Chainz is currently providing A & R services for his mentor Ludacris’ new album titled Ludaversal

8. 2 Chainz stands tall at 6'5

7. 2 Chainz is good friends with pop icon Justin Bieber

6. 2 Chainz was formerly known as Tity Boi and made up half of the rap group Playaz Circle

5. 2 Chainz old stage name Tity Boi was given to him because he was an only child and thus the only one his mother breast fed.

4. In early 2011 he decided to change his stage name to 2 Chainz as he perceived it to be more "family friendly"

3. 2 Chainz gets paid $100,000 for a verse - tweeted by Kanye West

2. 2 Chainz was a stand out basketball player at Alabama State University

1. 2 Chainz graduated from ASU after 4 years with a 4.0 GPA

Top Photo Credit: Getty Images