Killer Mike And El-P Talk About Their Evolution As Artists And Men


For Killer Mike and El-P, reinventing themselves at this stage of their careers wasn't just a no-brainer, it was the easiest thing they could've done.

For 16 years, Killer Mike has been one of the most respected rap artists from Atlanta. He's been a social activist for even longer.

El-P has been producing and rapping since 1993. He became the CEO of his own record label, Definitive Jux, in 2001.

In 2010, they began collaborating and found some serious chemistry.

Then in 2013, they formed the supergroup Run The Jewels, proving dudes over 40 still got it.

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Their outlandish lyrics and aggressive style are stark contrasts to the chilled out, introspective men they really are. Being in a group has allowed them to try new things and push the envelope.

Both guys were at a point in their careers where they wanted to just focus on making some dope music. As appreciators of the great history of hip-hop, they saw a void in the market and realized they could dominate.

In an era of solo musicians and hardly any duos, the inspiration was simple.

Run The Jewels sat down with Elite Daily before their performance at the 2016 Winter X Games in Aspen and Killer Mike explained:

El-P went on to say being in a group together was a culmination of everything they love to do:

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Of course, switching up the way you do this late into your career has to have its challenges, but not for Killer Mike:

The way they see it, the challenges they face as a duo are all within themselves. El-P explained:

With a resurgence in relevance, this new platform gives both guys the ability to do even more things they love to do. Killer Mike said:

However, what's been more rewarding is their ability to help others. El-P explained,

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The biggest part to their evolution as artists is not forgetting who they are as men. El-P says: