Is Dillon Francis And DJ Snake's 'Get Low' Video Racist?

DJ Snake and Dillon Francis have released the official music video for "Get Low." The producers teased fans over Instagram prior to the video release, donned in traditional sheikhs behind the scenes.

The official video features Dillon and Snake humorously throned atop ample booty, making it rain on talented twerkers suited up in leotards and not much else.

However, many have taken offense to the DJ duo's premiere video, calling the producers "racist" for their satirical appropriation of culture.

Neither DJ Snake, who is apparently half Arabic himself, nor EDM's resident comedian Dillion Francis, have responded to accusations of the video's being racist. Regardless, the concept is pretty funny, resulting in an extremely well-executed music video for their smash summer hit.

Check it out.

via Thump