Iggy Azalea Literally Never Makes Sense When She's Rapping (Video)

Whenever a new Iggy Azalea video pops up, she makes even less sense than the time before. In this new clip, Iggy continues to speak in wild, Pentecostal tongues.

I think at this point, Iggy is just trolling all of us. She's seeing how much money she can make without ever uttering a single word of English.

If you think about it like that, it's actually pretty impressive how she keeps getting away with this, especially since her entire livelihood is based around the use of words.

After this one, we all need to take a stand and boycott Iggy once and for all. We need to demand more out of our performers.

I really don't think it's asking too much for our rappers and singers to utter actual, discernible syllables. Do you?

"Iggeh...sbehwsbeh fvehh tzhehzehhte dehhzehhimpuh" - @IGGYAZALEA RT @KartikBhushan23: @BigGhostLtd http://t.co/zyOHUQLhUh — DeathCertificateTrk8 (@BigGhostLtd) April 16, 2015