An Unlikely Pair: How Jerry Seinfeld Inspired Wale's New Album

by Matt Aleman

Wale and Jerry Seinfeld may be one of the strangest collaborations to take place in recent times, but the artist has been rapping about Seinfeld since his 2008 mix tape, The Mixtape About Nothing.

This mix tape featured inspiration, songs and samples from the show and also a special cameo by Julia Louis-Dreyfus, who played Elaine on "Seinfeld."

Wale and Jerry Seinfeld met for the first time shortly after that mix tape dropped at a show in Baltimore.

Since then, Seinfeld has gone from being just inspiration to being an actual collaborator and dear friend to Wale. They both share a love for sneakers and share similar life outlooks.

On Wale’s new album, The Album About Nothing, Seinfeld serves as the narrator and spoken-word prophet to many of Wale’s stories and lessons he tells on the tracks.

Seinfeld's dry humor and no bullsh*t outlook on life really paints the pictures of these songs and sets the stage for Wale to do his thing.

You can tell Wale and Jerry really sat down and worked very well together to be able to put together this album and make it sound as cohesive and crisp as it does.

It seems that Seinfeld is a calming influence on Wale and helps him to stay focused on what’s important in life.

Wale is well-known for his public and social media outbursts that make him seem like someone who never gets his way and is never happy.

Jerry seems to be the person in Wale’s life who tells him about the bigger picture in life and keeps him focused on things he can actually control.

Jerry Seinfeld has always had a unique and humorous way of depicting stories of real-life situations and relating them to certain aspects of life as a whole.

Seinfeld's presence is first felt on track two, "The Helium Balloon," where he compares the balloon to Wale, whose music uplifts people, and his fans want to see him succeed, but they don’t want him to become too famous, so they try hold on to that balloon.

On the third track, "The White Shoes," Seinfeld talks about how people only used to wear black shoes and when people started wearing white shoes, they were seen as having a positive vibe and that helped them get popular.

The song also attacks our consumer culture; the white shoes represent hope and positivity, but they can get dirtied easily as well as trigger envy from others.

Touching on Wale’s emotional outbursts, track five, "The Middle Finger," begins with Seinfeld offering mentorship and advice on being a public figure and how to handle people always talking about you.

One of the first singles off the album, "The Matrimony," features Seinfeld’s realistic and humorous approach on marriage, and if anyone is every really ready for it.

Wale touches on many topics throughout the album, like love, relationships, success, egos and marriage.

Seinfeld is there to guide Wale through all the trials and tribulations he faces being a famous rapper in the music industry.

The chemistry is very organic and makes this album special in a way that no other Wale project has felt like before.

While Seinfeld was said to be a show about nothing, despite actually being about life and how we deal with everyday situations,

The Album About Nothing isn’t really about anything specifically because it is about everything and could be applied to any part of someone’s life.

It takes a special artist to be able take things from his or her life that everyday people can apply to theirs, and I think that’s what makes this album so epic and special.