Someone Rewrote Current Pop Songs As Shakespearean Sonnets, And They're Amazing

Imagine, if you will, the lyrical masterpiece that is Ariana Grande's "Problem" translated into Shakespearean English.

Critics are always accusing pop songs of becoming dumber.

But the Tumblr Pop Sonnets is refuting that criticism by translating the lyrics of Avril Lavigne, Fountains of Wayne and the like into sonnets almost as good as those written by the Bard himself.

Scroll down to see the best pop sonnets.

Daft Punk gets deep.

Taylor Swift wishes she wrote this.

Let me "engage in swift self-portraiture."

The disco era has nothing on poetry.

Avicii trades beats for lutes.

The mother of Stacy is oddly alluring.


Rewording a song about a phone call is pretty difficult.

Gentlemen, put a wedding band on it.

Ariana's pretty poetic.

H/T: Time, Photos Courtesy: Pop Sonnets/Biography