Diplo's New Music Video Is Literally A Twerking Extravaganza

It's taken him long enough, but Diplo has officially hopped aboard the twerk train, as evidenced by his recently released video for “6th Gear,” which features Alvaro and Kstylis.

He might be late to the game, but his entrance into the world of booty shakin' is a profound one; the video is a veritable twerk-fest.

Starring 27 female twerkers, including Russian sensation Fraules, the video is all about the booty, full of both solo close-up shots and ensemble choreography highlighting the joys of the jiggle.

Though wildly unoriginal -- hasn't this twerking thing been tired out yet? -- it's sure to be a hit with those who enjoy the art of the twerk.

Plus, the words “kitty cat” are repeated throughout the chorus, which makes the song infinitely more appealing in my book.

So if you like Diplo, twerking or just want to sing a song about “kitty cats,” this video is for you. Check it out up top.

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