5 Ways Demi Lovato Has Redefined Her Music Over The Years

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What’s wrong with being confident?

Last night at the American Music Awards, Demi Lovato performed her latest single “Confident” off of her fifth album, tastefully sporting the all-black seductive look and sexy choreography.

It seems just like yesterday it was 2008 when Demi Lovato was stealing our hearts in moccasin boots on “Camp Rock,” the Disney movie that made her career.

She’s been through it all: instant stardom, relationships making headlines, and even rehab.

When we thought we had lost Demi to the dark side of Hollywood, she rose back up quickly with full force as strong as ever, breaking away from the Disney spotlight.

Today, the 23-year-old is as confident as ever.

She's sharing a tour and record label with BFF Nick Jonas, and has a supportive and everlasting love we all envy with Wilmer Valderrama (#relationshipgoals).

Not to mention, she never fails to put out music we just can’t stop listening to.

2008: Camp Rock and Don’t Forget

The year of "Camp Rock": their high school was our high school. Enter Demi Lovato: the newest to the Disney circle of stars. With her extremely impressive pipes, Demi was definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Her debut album “Don’t Forget” demonstrated the epitome of girl pop powered by Hollywood Records.

The titled single had teens everywhere singing along and feeling their inner Adele.

Other tunes Demi penned on her own included a high-energy breakup duet, “On the Line,” with the Jonas Brothers; and “Two Worlds Collide” dedicated to childhood friend and fellow Disney girl pal Selena Gomez.

2009: Here We Go Again

Demi released her second album, Here We Go Again in between "Camp Rock" movies, and during the run of her first Disney sitcom “Sonny With A Chance.”

Here We Go Again once again explored Demi’s powerful vocals and inspiring independent woman lyrics.

Romantic tunes like “Catch Me” and “Stop the World” clearly showed direction from Hollywood Records in its pop production; it was impossible not to sing along to.

Since her rise to fame, rumors circled the Internet with sources of substance abuse, eating disorders and self-harm.

It was all talk until fall 2010, when Demi was suddenly admitted into rehab in the middle of her international tour.

While this was the first step to recovery for Demi, this was also the first step to an open and honest relationship with her fans.

2011: Unbroken

Shortly after being released from rehab, Demi gifted us with the story of her difficult journey on all fronts in Unbroken.

Her single “Skyscraper” marked her comeback and years to come in conquering the music industry and spotlight in her most confident self.

The album showcases Demi’s new sense of self and strength, while also telling her fans that she’s still fragile.

The upbeat dance anthem “Unbroken” showcases the new empowerment in Demi while tunes like “Fix A Heart” and “Lightweight” tell honest stories of her weakest moments in love and loss.

This album also marked the turning point in Demi’s story with her estranged father with “For The Love of A Daughter,” in which we hear more of in the coming albums.

2013: Demi

With her self-titled fourth studio album, Demi, the starlet comes into her own with this record.

While still signed with Hollywood Records, Demi begins to steer her own career with more honest tunes, including “Warrior,” reiterating all she’s been through to date.

She continues to write pensive songs to tell the story of her father with “Shouldn’t Come Back” and soulful ballads like “In Case.”

The chart-topping single “Heart Attack” is one of the many upbeat, synthesized pop we’re used to hearing from Demi.

The self-titled album aimed toward a more mainstream audience with radio-friendly hits that also hit the Billboard Top 100 like “Made in the USA” and “Neon Lights.”

2015: Confident

Demi’s latest album, Confident is more hers than anything.

Released through her own label with Nick Jonas, Safehouse Records, Demi’s fifth studio album embodies everything she has been so honest about.

Looking back at the star’s struggle with self-confidence and love, this album knocks out any doubt or hater Demi has ever had.

Her two hit singles “Confident” and “Cool For the Summer” bounce back from the emotional tunes in past albums and exemplify her newfound self-love and well, confidence.

It’s not Demi without some serious belting. The singer’s vocals have only grown more powerful through soulful piano ballads like “Stone Cold,” a must-listen.

The record explores different sounds including Iggy Azalea on “Kingdom Come.”

I’m proud to see Demi back on top. She's empowering young girls and women everywhere through self-worth, independence and inspiring strength, all while helping spread the awareness of mental illness.

From Disney queen, to the queen of all queens, I’m excited to see Demi take it to the next level.

You go, girl!