This Choreography To Missy Elliott Will Make You Want To Bust A Move (Video)

Alright, party people, it's time to dance like nobody is watching.

Missy Elliott is, once again, bringing the world the dance track it so desperately needs.

Seriously, Missy, never take that long of a hiatus ever again.

Her new song, "WTF" featuring Pharrell, is straight up on fire and everyone knows it, especially those who have some serious moves.

Choreographers around the world were quick to jump on the track and create some fire dance moves to go with it. But, choreographer Tricia Miranda just took every other choreographer to school with her new routine for "WTF."

The video features a plethora of sexy, super talented dancers, who you kind of want to go to a club with just to say you know them when they win every single dance battle ever.

Check out their moves in the video above, and then go practice in the mirror for the next 100 years.