Calvin Harris Reveals Whether He'd Collaborate With Taylor Swift

Calvin Harris and Taylor Swift are one couple we are totally rooting for.

After years of bad breakups and terrible press about her boyfriends, it appears Taylor finally found a man who can truly appreciate her for being the boss she truly is.

In a recent interview with Rickie, Melvin and Charlie on the "KISS FM Breakfast Show," Calvin shared,

She's fantastic! She knows when it's time to leave me for a bit on my own. Before the show. She's super encouraging and she kind of gets her vibe going with other people as well, you know. She can even cheer up my manager, which is an unbelievable feat! So it's fantastic having her around.

Sure, he may think she's awesome at knowing when it's time to GTFO of the way, but would the 32-year-old mega producer ever collaborate with his girlfriend of just over a year? Calvin told Ryan Seacrest,

You know, we haven't even spoken about it. I can't see it happening, though. No. She's about to take a long break.

Sorry to dash your dreams, folks. Looks like a dance-country mix won't be happening anytime soon. But hey, you can listen to Calvin's latest collaboration with Rihanna to help ease the pain.

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