Justin Bieber Slowly Releases 'Purpose' Track Titles On Instagram

Justin Bieber has mastered the art of the big reveal. (If you click the link, you'll see what I did there.)

He's been busy on Instagram today, posting photos of graffiti installations across the globe to reveal the track titles on his upcoming album, Purpose.

From New York to London, Paris, Sydney and more, the Biebs is everywhere.

Check out the works of art below:

Track 1: "Mark My Words"

Track 2: "I'll Show You"

Track 3: "What Do You Mean?"

Track 4: "Sorry"

Track 5: "Love Yourself" ft. Benny Blanco

Track 6: "Company"

Track 7: "No Pressure" ft. Big Sean

Track 8: "No Sense" ft. Travis Scott

Track 9: "The Feeling"

Track 10: "Life Is Worth Living"

Track 11: "Where Are Ü Now" ft. Skrillex and Diplo

Track 12: "Children"

Track 13: "Purpose"

Track 14: "Been You"

Track 15: "Get Used To Me"

Track 16: "We Are" ft. Nas

Track 17: "Trust"

Track 18: "All In It"

The album is available for pre-order now and hits shelves on Nov. 13.