Did Beyoncé And Jay Z Actually Record A 'Secret' Album?


What better way for Bey and Jay to respond to all of the drama that bubbled up after Lemonade than to craft a joint album together?

According to Page Six, Beyoncé and Jay Z could have a secret album in the works. Well, I guess it's not so secret now but it definitely shuts down rumors about Jay Z responding to cheating allegations with his own solo version of Lemonade (Limeade?).

Despite the talk of an upcoming joint album, we still want to know more about "Becky with the good hair," that's for sure!

As you'd probably expect, the album will likely drop on Jay Z's own Tidal music streaming service.

Exclusive sources close to the couple revealed to Page Six,

Jay and Beyoncé were never going to do an interview to address all the questions that came up after 'Lemonade.' It's more their style to respond through music.

I'm sure loyal fans of the power couple would rather receive a musical body of work rather than a sit-down interview. After all songs like "Lift Off," "Bonnie & Clyde" and "Crazy In Love" are all timeless classics.

There is no official release date for the "secret" album as of yet, but if you know anything about Beyoncé's surprise album marketing strategy, you know a release date probably won't be announced!

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