5 British Singers Who Prove Adele Is In Good Company

by Danni R
Getty Images

There’s no question that Adele is a soul-singing goddess.

Adele sings as if she’s read each of our diaries. Like the superwoman she is, she takes our weight as her own and releases it into the world in the form of perfectly executed songs.

What's Adele's superpower?

She opens her mouth and, in turn, men and women begin to ugly cry uncontrollably.

Soul music does just that: It effortlessly penetrates our core.

Please understand that no one is trying to diminish the awesomeness that is Adele.

However, there are several other artists who deserve some recognition.

There’s enough shine to go around.

Some of these artists are new to the soul scene, while others are veterans.

Regardless of when or how they come onto your radar, you should know their names.

Here are five English soul singers you should know, whose names don’t start with “A" or end with “dele:”

1. If you like Alessia Cara, check out Andreya Triana.

Spotify blessed my unsuspecting ears with the musical soundings of Andreya Triana, and she’s been on repeat ever since.

Seriously, the UK is producing more talent -- especially in R&B and soul -- than we can wrap our heads around.

She’s completely self-taught, and her deep, raspy voice sounds like a combination of Duffy and Lauryn Hill.

Her lyrics are thoughtful, and the melodies are so catchy, you’ll find yourself singing along in no time.

2. If you like Corinne Bailey Rae, check out Lianne La Havas.

Lianne La Havas’s style of music is whimsical and romantic, but it is always with that guttural raw punch that soul music packs.

She’s also from the United Kingdom, but she's of Jamaican and Greek ancestry.

Her music is warm, comforting and extremely heartfelt.

Her latest album, Blood, gives the listener a peak behind the curtain, and exposes a bit more of her past, artistic versatility and complexities.

3. If you like Andra Day, check out Ella Eyre.

Eyre catapulted onto the music scene with her hit, "We Don’t Have To Take Our Clothes Off."

When she dropped "Deeper," it was more than clear that Ella Eyre was no one trick pony. She’s capable of both ballads and more upbeat tunes.

Also, her hair is dope. This only adds to her overall awesomeness.

4. If you like Jessie J, check out Jess Glynne.

Jess Glynne has this effortlessness about her voice that’s so hard to find in an industry saturated with autotune and the like.

Glynne is best known for lending her vocals to the Clean Bandit song, "Rather Be."

But she shines just as brightly as a solo artist, if not more so.

Her music is both soulful and danceable: aka, the best of both worlds.

5. If you like Adele, check out Jessie Ware.

Jessie Ware is an absolutely phenomenal and versatile artist.

She’s a unique brand of talent because her acoustic versions almost always sound better than the studio renditions of her songs.

Have a look at her NPR Tiny Desk Acoustic live performance, and call me when you’ve picked your jaw up from off the ground.

These are just a few soul artists who should definitely be on your radar.

This list wouldn’t complete without mentioning the late, great Amy Winehouse. She was both a powerhouse and a natural talent.

Again, there’s something special happening in the United Kingdom.

The artists who have been emerging on the music scene there recently have been transcending and redefining the soul genre.

Although Adele may be the most recognizable frontrunner, she’s not the only player.

The next time you're in the mood get into your feelings and are looking for someone to sob along with, pop open that bottle of wine that's been collecting dust and sing your heart out with these queens.