We tried 5 occult services to connect with our *true* selves. Here's what we found.

I Tried Vogel Crystal Healing & I Got The Clarity I've Been Waiting For

By Roya Backlund
My desk is littered with crystals. Between shards of rose quartz, selenite towers, chunks of raw tourmaline, and more, I take every chance to further my collection. Having them by my side just makes me feel closer to something larger than myself.…

I Got Past Life Regression Hypnosis & Visited Previous Lives I Never Knew Existed

By Valerie Mesa
The quote, "I'll see you in another life, when we're both cats," is one of my favorite movie lines of all time, but what if it's true? What if we have in fact lived more than one life, with more than one Vanilla Sky? This is something that I've long…

I Astral Projected & For A Few Minutes It Was Pure, Stress-Free Bliss

By Rosey Baker
I've always been into the weirdest of weird when it comes to spirituality because I'll try anything to save me from myself. So when I tried astral projection for the first time, I was willing to throw doubt, reasonability, and every practical…

I Got My Friendship Cleansed By A Chakra Healer & Discovered What Was Holding Me Back

By Veronica Lopez
I’ve never had much faith in non-traditional spirituality. Anything beyond reading my horoscope and the two beginner yoga classes I took in college went right over my head, until I was turned on to the benefits of knowing about chakras and what…

I Took A Psychic Training Class & Now I Believe I Have The Power

By Roya Backlund
Ever since I can remember, I've wondered if there was something more out there, something beyond everyday life. For me, "reality" has never quite been enough. I wanted access to something larger. Something infinite. When I was a child, I frequently…