YouTube And MixBeat Co-Founders Say Building A Business Is All About 'Personal Problems'

At YouTube, co-founder Steve Chen and Chad Hurley not only gave people a way to upload material in great quantity, but they also had plans to help users improve the quality of the material as well.

"With YouTube, I really felt like we were able to solve distribution and help people get in front of a meaningful, global audience," Hurley told Fortune. "But I never felt like we were able to provide them the right tools to help them effectively create content and do that through community and collaboration."

Now, three years after leaving the site that has become one of America's favorite past times on the web, the two entrepreneurs have positioned themselves to pick up where they left off with "MixBit," the video editing app that just hit the iOS app stores today and is set to be available for download on Androids soon.

The App squeezes into the space that Vine and Instagram have so successfully exploited as sharing videos from mobile devices becomes a more popular, entertaining and easily executable phenomenon. Unlike those two already popular apps, MixBit doesn't require you to have a follower count or profile.

"We're more interested in helping everyone, not just a select group," Hurley told Mashable.

Instead, the new app will aim to help users simply create video content in more fun ways. Users can capture 16-second clips with MixBit and, as a whole, can put together a max number of 256 clips.

The app will also allow users to mix together any clip in the world to create a personal own video, provided that video has already been posted somewhere in the public domain. The general idea, as they say, is to give people a platform to make better videos that they can then post anywhere else, whether it be to Instagram or to Youtube.

Though the two entrepreneurs are working on a different project than their original, however, they indicate that the formula for their success remains the same: Look to solve something that was a problem for them.

"That’s really how me and Steve have always approached problems," Hurley told VentureBeat. "When we were at YouTube, basically, it was realizing it was hard for us to share a video with family and friends, and what would we build for ourselves? What barriers would we remove to make this process easier? Along the way we realized people had this same frustration with video.”

With MixBit, Hurley and Chen are ironing out their other frustration and hope that the solution that they provide becomes as big as the last one. And with the two co-founders being no strangers to success, they're in a position to advise other entrepreneurs on what it takes to reach entrepreneurial goals.

"It’s not about being smarter,” Hurley said. “It’s not about being necessarily more talented. I think anyone that is going to be successful, it’s about continuing to try, being creative, and having unique insights. It’s really just the small subtle things that I think make the biggest difference. And not being afraid to try."

Photo via Wiki Commons