'You Will Never Fail If You Never Give Up': Multimillionaire Gives Priceless Advice In Epic Video

The cynics will always tell you otherwise and so will the “realists.” Everyone, they’ll argue, can’t be great and not every person can achieve success by just “trying hard enough.” For every person who dares to dream big enough, it seems that there will always people who will try to keep their ambitions in check.

But when it come to the true leaders and icons of this world, those who have actually reached dizzying heights of fame and fortune, they all cite the same ingredients for success. From Donald Trump, to Jay Z, to Jim Carey, to Steve Jobs -- you name the industry, we’ll find the icon – truly successful people all sing from the same hymn sheet.

They praise the attitude of never giving up (no matter the amount of failures experienced), and they all emphasize the role that passion plays in fueling one’s road to achievement (no matter how much people scoff at the idea of doing what you love).

This video is a comprehensive reminder of what it takes to reach the greatest heights of success, featuring the motivational words of people who actually know what it’s like to do just that. It's straight to the point, it's direct, it's real, it's from people who know what they're talking about and it is a must watch.