How Working A 9-To-5 Helps Me Keep My Life In Balance

by Lisa Callahan

I always thought of myself as the girl who was against corporate America -- there was no way I would work a 9-to-5 job.

"Give me flexibility or give me death," that was my anthem.

But what started as a rebellion against autonomy soon transformed into a celebration of it.

When I graduated with my Bachelor's in August, I thought I knew exactly what I wanted out of my career -- the title, the schedule, the whole shebang, really.

Well, I got a rude awakening (or enlightenment) when my dream internship turned into a nightmare in no time.

I took a hard look at my strengths and weaknesses, and I was honest with myself about what kind of work life would best suit me.

Now here I am, four months later, a bonafide 9-to-5er. Who'd have thought? Sometimes, the thing you most strongly oppose is actually the thing you need the most.

Here are four reasons why I love working my 9-to-5:

1. I get plenty of sleep.

There's no shame in the bedtime game.

In fact, I take pride for loving my sleep and I think anyone who says otherwise is lying to themselves.

I  need an absolute minimum of 8 hours shut-eye in order to function at work.

By working the typical 9-to-5, I'm able to relax in the evening, get a full night of sleep and wake up refreshed the next day. (Unless I go on a Netflix-binge, that's a different story.)

My day is structured so I can do everything I need to without feeling rushed, distracted or overwhelmed.

This makes me all the more capable of tackling my workday head-on.

2. I make the most of the early hours.

As someone who used to wake up mid-afternoon and now wakes up really early, I have news for you: Being a morning person pays off.

Though the college girl in me still insists on being a night owl, I've learned to tame her for the sake of maintaining my sanity.

Rather than hitting "snooze," waking up groggy and dragging my feet across the floor like I used to, I now welcome the morning with open arms.

There's something calming about it.

I look forward to watching the sun rise, and sipping coffee before getting dressed for work; it allows me to start my day on a positive note which helps me be productive as soon as I get to work.

3. I eat on a regular schedule.

Despite what I like to tell myself, I can't survive merely on coffee and the souls of my enemies.

It's common for me to accidentally skip meals, especially when I'm hard at work. But by working a 9-to-5 I habitually make time to eat before I leave, take my lunch break at a standard time and have dinner when I get home.

It's almost impossible to forget to eat because my workday is synced with my meal times.

Oh, and I'm also around to take advantage of office lunches out or meals ordered in, which is always a plus. I'm a woman on a budget, after all, and the grocery struggle is real.

Aside from the obvious energy boost, eating regularly makes an astronomical difference in my mood.

There's just no time for being hangry when you're hustlin'.

4. I have time for my friends and family.

It may be a cookie-cutter lifestyle, but the 9-to-5 workday has some nice social perks.

Most people close to me work the same hours, so keeping in touch with them throughout the week is a total breeze.

Getting together after work for dinner or drinks frequently happens, and it's a convenient way to wind down and catch up.

Adulting isn't all that bad once you get into your routine with a job you love. Remember you'll never know if you like something until you try it, so give the 9-to-5 job a shot.