5 Bizarre Ways People Make Millions That Will Make You Want To Quit Your Job

Everyone knows there's a massive world of opportunity to make big bucks through the internet.

Somehow, that never makes it any less amazing when you find out people are making a killing while you're sitting there, eating Nutella out of the jar.

What's worse is when you find out how they're making that killing. Like, you know it can't be as easy as it sounds, but it sounds so dang easy.

But guess what? You can.

You might genuinely consider quitting your job after reading these five ways people make millions:

1. Selling E-books

Does selling E-books sound boring to you? Because it sounds like a lot of money to me.

E-book sellers like Nook and Amazon typically let you keep 70 percent of everything you self publish.

Keep in mind, selling an E-book is a simple process. You basically write it, upload it and get people to buy it.

Prices are generally between $0.99 to $5.99 per E-book. This means you would earn between $0.70 to $4.19 from every sale.

So to make a million bucks, you'd need to sell 240,000 to 1.4 million copies. Does that sound like a big number?

Well, it's really not. More than $2,000,000 is generated in author earnings every day between Amazon and Nook alone.

Here's a popular guide to help you get started.

2. Making YouTube Videos For Babies

Has technology gone too far?

You're probably familiar with the Casey Neistat and the Jenna Marbles of the world. You know, the people whose insanely viral videos spread their name likes wildfire.

Well guess what? They're not even the top grossers.

Ten out of the top 15 channels on YouTube make videos for the 1 to 5-year-old age group.

How does that work?

Basically, parents get tired and hand over their smartphones and tablets to hold their kids' attention while they slip away for some much deserved peace. That's the theory at least.

More and more people are swapping out TV time for screen time. And since a lot of these videos go on for the length of TV episodes or movies, this seems like a more plausible reason.

These YouTube channels have garnered millions of subscribers each and are bringing in anywhere from $10,000 to $100,000 or more in ad revenue every day.

3. Online Teaching

Everyone has some set of skills or knowledge that somebody else wants, and is even willing to pay for.

People make millions by creating virtual classes on Udemy and similar sites. The top 10 contributors alone have earned at least $17 million.

You create the course(s), and then you charge a few bucks -- $10, $30 or $100 -- for people to access your course.

You can also teach people by being a virtual assistant. People will book time with you to ask you questions to help them along in their own careers.

All you need to do is create a website to draw people in, and then find a way to video chat with them.

4. Telling People What To Buy

Affiliate marketing is brands paying you to recommend their products.

You use your lifestyle blog or Instagram account to share a product with your audience, and then you get commission off every item viewers buy through your referral link.

It's a win-win because you don't have to do anything you wouldn't otherwise do. You just create and post content like always. And brands only have to pay you when people buy.

Some of the most popular affiliate programs are through Amazon and Sharper Image, but there are literally thousands of affiliate programs out there.

The best part is there's no limit to how many brands you can affiliate with, or how much of their products you can sell, which means the sky's the limit for how much you can make.

5. Selling Stuff

I don't know if you know this, but just about anyone can start an online store.

Maybe you think it's only for people who are big into retail, or who want to be small business owners, but that's not correct.

It takes some finagling, but many people have been able to turn their small online stores into multimillion dollar brands, almost entirely through word of mouth.

People make a lot of money doing a lot of different things. They might seem simple, but with a large enough audience anything can take off. Which would you choose?