Vicarious Pulls In $15 Million Of First Round Funding

The new, head-turning startup Vicarious is in the process of creating real Artificial Intelligence.  It may sound like the plot of SciFi blockbuster, but Vicarious is getting awfully close to replicating the intelligence of the human mind into software. Now, with $15 million in backing from the infamous Founders Fund, Vicarious has all the advantage they need.


Vicarious, founded by D. Scott Phoenix and Dileep George, is on the verge on breaking the boundaries of science and technology by building software that intelligently thinks and learns like a human being through trailblazing new algorithms.

On the other side of the table are some of the world’s most renowned venture capitalists, all of whom were involved in Facebook at some point, coincidentally. Leading the round of funding is the legendary entrepreneur and investor Peter Thiel of PayPal fame. Thiel and superstar Sean Parker run Founders Fund,which has mentored and financed some of the most successful startups in recent years.

Second is Good Ventures, a fresh-out-the-box VC firm lead by Dustin Moskovitz, who you may recognize as one of the founders of Facebook. Open Field Capital, Steve Brown, and Zarco Investment Group are also involved in the deal.

How much

Vicarious has received a whopping $15 million in its first round of funding… before they have even finished their product.


Peter Thiel, above all others, certainly knows how to pick winners. If there is one man that is going to find the next big thing of 2013, it will be Thiel. Founders Fund known for its controversial beliefs on college (which Venture Clout fully agrees with) and its take-no-prisoners attitude, only works with the best and brightest of entrepreneurs. So, that alone is enough to know that Phoenix and George are highly capable and talented people.

Usually, Venture Clout condemns these major “party rounds” of early-stage funding, especially when the startup has yet to prove itself. But again, Peter Thiel, Sean Parker and Dustin Moskovitz know startups better than anyone else out there. Final verdict: Vicarious is worth the money. If there was even a doubt whether they will complete this revolutionary product or not, these power player VCs would not have backed them.

Final Thoughts 

If/when Vicarious successfully produces real A.I. for the first time, the world will stop in its tracks. This has been a scientists’ wet dream for decades. It has the potential to change the world we live in and can bring us into a new era of society. Think I-Robot…. That is what A.I. could mean for you.

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