Trippeze: The Startup That Will Make Planning Your Study Abroad Trip That Much Easier


At a time when millions are jetting away, anxious to begin their study abroad, startup Trippeze has begun a journey of its own to help students make the most of their overseas experience.

Trippeze is a service designed to eliminate the hassle that accompanies planing various trips with friends scattered all over the world during their semesters overseas, tailored to make the experience of coordinating trips a much easier process for students who are far from home and eager to pack in as many great trips as possible.

While the idea may seem fairly straightforward, especially during the early stages of the company's existence, Trippeze taps into a demographic that Saft says has been underserved. Now, his company is looking to fill that void with content specifically relevant to this niche.

While the company aims to serve the multitude of students who study abroad each year, Saft says he's not focused merely on enlarging a pool of users. Moving forward, Trippeze plans to add a variety of features, expanding the company's faculties to enhance every user's experience, further ensuring that all students enjoy a top notch semester abroad.

To visit Trippeze's main site, click here.

Top Photo Courtesy: Trippeze