Need A Job? There's An App For That: These 5 Apps Could Help You Land Your Dream Job

Landing your dream job could be the greatest thing to happen to your life. The hardest part is determining where to search. Today, your smartphone is quickly becoming the upmost resource to pinpoint the best job opportunities.

However, there are so many apps available and finding one that works can be exhausting. Here's a look at a few of the best.

iPQ Career

IPQ Career Planner is the perfect app if you’re still undecided about exactly what your dream profession is. The app gives you the OPQ, or Occupational Personality Questionnaire, which is an exam given by many employers to decide your job strengths and weaknesses. You can then print a report and see what you are good at and where you need to improve.

Additionally, as you receive your strengths and weaknesses, you’ll get a rundown of the jobs you’re most and least likely to enjoy, the features of your personal style that’ll help or hinder you in interviews, and what jobs you’re best suited for. With this advice, you'll be the ideal employee in no time.


If you don't have the connections to solidify a position with a big company, or if working for large corporations isn’t your thing, then Craigslist Mobile is the app for you. On this app, you can get access to thousands of job listings in any city in the U.S. and some cities abroad. This is also an ideal app for people looking for small or medium-sized businesses to advance their careers.

All you have to do is visit Craigslist Mobile, click on the employment classifieds tab, and browse through the listings. You can even narrow your search by industry, so you don’t have to filter through jobs you’re either uninterested in or aren’t qualified for. If you’re sick of searching for jobs on major search engines, then CM is definitely worth a look.


Speaking of major job search engines Indeed is one of the biggest around. Expanding on its U.S. job search, Indeed made the leap abroad and now offers job results for 50 countries. It also provides a résumé editor, allows you the opportunity to save potential jobs or even email them to a friend, and provides job recommendations based on your resume and recent search results.

With so many options and so many companies using it to promote job listings, Indeed will certainly be a necessity if you’re looking for a high-level job.

Interview Prep

Getting the interview with the employer is the hard part. But if you struggle in interviews, Interview Prep Questions can help ready you for a potential job interview. Included in the app are flashcards that ask questions you might hear from your employer, such as "Where do you see yourself in five years?" Okay, so maybe you don’t know where you’ll be in five years, but it doesn’t hurt to practice an answer and be prepared when you enter your potential employer’s office.

That’s why, with this app, you'll be ready for any questions the interviewers throw your way because the questions you’re asked are some of the most popular and have been specifically chosen for this app. Now, instead of sweating and worrying about the interview, you can study to be as confident as possible during it.

Pocket Resume

The search for a dream job starts with your résumé. It’s the first thing that employers review for potential hires. Pocket Resume makes altering, improving, or exporting your résumé easy. It allows you to send your résumé to potential hires or export it in PDF form to another computer. And better yet, you have it wherever you go, making it great for networking. With the new Blackberry Q10 smartphone, you can use the screen share feature to proofread your résumé with a friend.

Additionally, this app is featured in multiple languages and even creates a resume based on your LinkedIn profile. You can also export it as an RTF file so you can edit your resume directly on your computer using a word-processing program. The only downside of this app is that it isn’t free, but the $2.99 you spend on it is worth every penny, considering it’ll be a big help in getting your resume noticed among the hundreds of others.

Apps won't get you the job, but they’ll certainly make narrowing your search easier and offer a way to search for jobs in your spare time. Most importantly, use these apps to their fullest potential and explore every option. Finding a dream job doesn't just come to you; you have to go find it. Take advantage of the tools these apps offer, whether it’s preparing to look for a job or trying to find one, and you’re sure to find success.

Top Photo Courtesy: Liverdoor