The Art Of Not Blowing It: Wolf Of Wall Street Jordan Belfort Teaches Us How To Hustle


While some may only know Jordan Belfort for his days as a powerful stockbroker, the man who became known as the "Wolf of Wall Street" says he was just as prolific of a real state agent, too.

And when the New York native got into the mortgage business, he says he employed the same tactics that made him successful as a trader with his brokerage firm Stratton Oakment. First, he pointed out the tenacity with which he pursued his financial targets, which led him to relentlessly selling door to door.

When it comes to the methods of salesmanship that Belfort employed as a mortgage broker, his strategy is certainly worthy of respect. Belfort says he walked down blocks of streets, entering small businesses with owners who were quick to turn anyone away. He soon made a habit of selling to the unsellable, making tens of thousands of dollars while, literally, taking an afternoon walk.

While there are many nuances and intricacies to the secrets sauce of his success, Belfort says that the key ingredients were in his demeanor.

Belfort insists that it is this same package of values that led to his success as a stockbroker (albeit crooked) and as a mortgage broker. And while the skeptical mind will question just how legit his teachings are, Belfort is always quick to remind his audience that it's all proven.

We believe you, Wolf. We Believe you.

Top Photo Image: Quinn Rooney/Getty Images