The Importance Of Making To-Do Lists

by Iago Rey

For many of us, life is based on setting goals and fighting every day to achieve them. A goal originates from a place of internal motivation; it arises from the depths of our subconscious minds. At first, a dream may seem unattainable. So, many people give up immediately and don’t achieve them. By not fighting for their dreams, these people don’t give their goals a fair opportunity to come to fruition.

By indulging in the opportunity to dream big, many geniuses have been able to make a difference and improve people’s lives with their innovations. They allowed themselves to think infinitely and to believe that personal capabilities are endless.

To carry out an idea, it’s important not to obsess about the long-term timeline of your goal. That is, if your goal is to lose a ton of weight, you must be aware that you’re not going to accomplish it instantaneously. No matter how much exercise you do and how little you eat, you’re not going to transform overnight. The key is to go slowly by dividing the timeline of goal achievement. Be realistic about the situation and set small goals that will gradually drive you toward achievement. It's like climbing a ladder — you can’t pass all rungs at once. You must go step by step.

Herein lies the significance of to-do lists. Many successful people use them to reach professional and personal successes.

Although for some people, it may seem a bit needless, putting things in writing helps in the pursuit of achievement. It forces the goal-setter to truly examine a task and to reflect on the steps that will yield a desired outcome. Write down what you want to achieve and outline the intermediate steps necessary to get you there.

Making a to-do list is really easy. Just typing a note in your smartphone (or tablet or writing in a notebook) will suffice. Every morning when you awake, reread your list and do your thing. And though this seems simple, external neuroses (like anxiety and over-analysis) may lead to failure. Work to remain relaxed and stick to your list when in doubt.

Don’t let your grasp of what you have to do debilitate your progress. Take one thing at a time and keep your mind clear. Keep perspective and you’ll achieve your goal.

Sometimes, with all of life’s components swirling through our minds, it’s tough to stay focused. All of your commitments, obligations and projects may cloud your perception of the road ahead. Writing your goals in an ordinal fashion will provide clarity to structure your life in a more manageable way. You'll feel more relaxed, and ultimately, you will feel at ease with yourself.

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