The 11-Year-Old CEO Who Made A Business Out Of Looking Good

At 11-years-old, your best accomplishments and biggest highlights of your life probably included making the honor roll and scoring a few little league awards. In fact, you were likely praised for it, on numerous occasions, by your loving and supportive parents. So, how much praise would one give to the young entrepreneur, Moziah Bridges, after establishing not one, but two businesses?

Moziah, aka "Mo," is the pre-teen CEO of Mo's Bows, a Memphis-based company established in 2011 when Bridges was just nine years old. Mo's Bows sells handcrafted bow ties, which the young founder crafts himself. Mo's enterprise has attracted praise from a wide range of supporters, including Steve Harvey, who invited Bridges to guest star on his day time talk show an also Oprah Winfrey, who featured Mo's Bows in her magazine, 'O.'

One might ask, how does a kid who was born after the turn of the century find himself heading his own business, already? Well, the young man said it all started with the simple matter of looking for something to wear.

"I didn’t want to make money," Bridges told Upstart Business Journal's Michael Del Castillo, "I just wanted to be able to make myself look good.”

As the story goes, the young Bridges, who is noted for wearing suits nearly everywhere he goes, could not find any bow ties he really had a liking for. So, he reached out to his grandmother, who then taught him how to sew and craft his very own bow ties.

Now, whether or not Moziah intended to make a profit, it appears that he is making one, nonetheless. Mo's Bows are currently being sold in six stores, three in his home state of Tennessee and three others, which will be out-of-state as of February. Meanwhile, in an interview with Fox News over the weekend, Bridges was said to be receiving partnership offers from boutiques around the country. And while Mo didn't have to turn interest into enterprise, his manager suggested that he didn't have to wait, either.

"Mo decided he wanted to be a fashion designer," Bridges' mother and manager, Tramica Morris, told Fox News as she sat next to her son during an interview. "So, we figured, why wait until you're older? He likes wearing bow ties, granny had the resources to teach him how to sew the bow ties. So, we decided, now is the time. You don't have to wait until you're older. If you have a dream and you have a passion, we say go for it."

Bridges hasn't stopped at bow ties, though. The 11-year-old started a second business last December called Clete's Closet, which sells men's vintage clothing. While he manages the two companies, Mo has also gotten a head start on his philanthropic career by crafting a bow tie dedicated to charity.

"I see kids outside getting in trouble. I thought if I send them to summer camp, then they won't get into that much trouble. So I made this bow tie called the Go Mo Scholarship Bow Tie and 100% of the proceeds goes to help kids go to summer camp. Because I feel like it's good to help the community and that's what I'm doing."

With an early beginning to a seemingly promising career, which has already made the young entrepreneur tens of thousands of dollars, Moziah Bridges looks ahead to a bright future, and he looks good while doing it.