Stock Equity Strategy For Lovers Of Chipotle, Lululemon And Svedka

by Michael Mancinelli

Get your head out of the gutter, people.

If you happen to be well endowed, meaning you have large amounts of (daddy’s) liquid money, it isn’t your best interest to put it under your mattress, or under the mattress of your favorite nightclub promoter. If you made this money on your own, more power to you!

Allow your legalized gambling strategy to be as simple as investing in growth stocks that cater to your everyday lifestyle. There is no such thing as a quick buck anymore.

You love Chipotle, you love Lululemon, and you love Svedka, so why not profit from these things?


Since marijuana is arguably not a tradable commodity, Chipotle will have to suffice. We missed the burrito bowl boat on this one, but let this be a ‘mild’ lesson. In 2009, the stock traded around $45 and it has rolled all the way up to $400+, about 1000 percent!

A friend and I discussed diving into this, but we had no money. Oh well, ask for the Quesa-rrito (a burrito rolled up in a quesadilla) and always get your guacamole on the side, rookie!


I can’t attest to the transparency of this company because I do not personally wear tight pants, do yoga, or pay $60 to go to Soulcycle. However, the people who shop at this overpriced gym clothing store (no shame in that; I’m sure it is good material and won’t make you look fat) should recognize that many-a-girl just like them are doing the same.

See this trend early, you’ll be able to profit from it. The LULU stock went from 0 to 60 in 4.5 seconds. It is a shame that Soulcycle is not publically traded because this is exactly what I am getting at in terms of investing in your lifestyle.


1. Everyone loves Svedka. It’s cheap and easy, which is why you didn’t buy anything else in college.

2. If your college roommate bought Skyy or some crappy vodka, you got genuinely angry.

3. You have a bottle of Svedka in your apartment right now.

5. You’re laughing right now because you know I’m exactly right.

6. …There is no number 4.

7. You’re laughing even harder now because you totally didn’t realize that.

Svedka is owned by Constellation Brands, owner of Corona, Modelo, and Robert Mondavi. The vodka of the future, Svedka, helped Constellation almost double-shot their earnings with the help of a merger.

See what you do on an everyday basis to the point where is it a borderline obsession, for lack of a better word. See the evolving trends that old and young societies are getting into. Evaluate your suitability to invest and look into the possibility of equity option strategies.

Last but not least, know that the public social media companies, like Facebook and Twitter, are overinflated and always will be. Have fun and be smart. You never know…

Disclaimer: The FDIC will not cover your losses if Jamba Juice goes out of business, or if you have a hunch that the Chargers are going to beat the Raiders.

Photo credit: Getty Images