Elite Interviews: Spenglish


Spenglish is a clothing line created by Simon Guindi Cohen in 2006 with the intention of spreading happiness and love. The collection revamps clever catch phrases and mixes them with colorful shirts in order to unite people of different backgrounds through humor.

What inspired you to the idea of creating Spenglish?

Spenglish has been very successful so far, do you see Spenglish evolving into something more in the future?

What are some of the things that inspire your t-shirt line?

What is the story behind the name 'Spenglish' ?

What is the inspiration behind your new Spring line?

One of the things in your mission statement is to "unite all cultures and welcome their presence in the Universe," how do you accomplish this through Spenglish?

How do you come up with the phrases on your clothes and how do they represent Spenglish?

What is your biggest tip for entrepreneurs?

5, 10, 50 years down the line when you've achieved everything you aspire for today, where do you see yourself?

Evelyn Pelczar | Elite.

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