Elite Interviews: Spenglish

Spenglish is a clothing line created by Simon Guindi Cohen in 2006 with the intention of spreading happiness and love. The collection revamps clever catch phrases and mixes them with colorful shirts in order to unite people of different backgrounds through humor.

What inspired you to the idea of creating Spenglish?

When Hurricane Katrina happened, I was in Mexico and it occurred to me to design a quick round of funky t-shirts saying DO YOUR PART.  When I got to (my college) campus I gave 40 t-shirts to my friends, asked them to randomly wear them to the parties and see peoples reactions. By the end of the week, everyone on campus wanted this shirt!
This inspired me to gather a group of people and organize a fundraiser event for college students in DC to raise money for Katrina. We called it "DO YOUR PART PARTY- good Karma for Katrina".  We ended up raising 40k and selling over 300 t-shirts. I realized that people are willing to spend money as long as it brings meaning into their life, and this is how Spenglish was born!

Spenglish has been very successful so far, do you see Spenglish evolving into something more in the future?

Spenglish has always been thought of as a lifestyle, as a philosophy, as a complement of happiness. That's why we call it "A LIFƎSTYLƎ / ƎXPERIƎNTIAL  – BRANDSCƎNDƎNTAL CONCƎPT" because people understand that this concept is far beyond a simple tee or hoodie. It's an energy that unites, collaborates and manifests through the collective conciousness of those who are aware of it. We plan on opening a flagship store sometime in 2014 and expanding throughout the main cities in the nation.

What are some of the things that inspire your t-shirt line?

Happiness, love, laughter, kindness and Sunday funday! Cultural awareness and spicy humor!

What is the story behind the name 'Spenglish' ?

Just like love + happiness = peace, Spanish + English = SPƎNGLISH. The union of two amazing forces results in the creation of a unique identity. To coexist while being able to nurture and accept one's roots is SPƎNGLISH‘s ultimate purpose. To live a mindful life and practice being fully present, is SPƎNGLISH’s ultimate path.

What is the inspiration behind your new Spring line?

For our Spring/Summer collection we decided to go to Turkey and found an amazing factory that instantly fell in love with the brand. We are using that latest trend and technologies such as oil wash which gives every garment a very unique and trendy look.  We are also introducing our new bathing suit line and matching tank tops. Not to mention our "Lacoste Intolerant" Polo Pique collection with wonderful mustaches. This is dedicated for all the NYC hipster Golfers!

One of the things in your mission statement is to "unite all cultures and welcome their presence in the Universe," how do you accomplish this through Spenglish?

Spenglish also serves as a vehicle of awareness for all of those who sometimes forget where they come from or what their purpose in life is.  By reiterating the fun facts of our cultures, we slowly but surely raise everyone's awareness and pride in who they are and where they come from.

How do you come up with the phrases on your clothes and how do they represent Spenglish?

I am very lucky to hang out with very creative, fun and loving people. Thinking in Spenglish has become a challenging game among my friends and family, and every day I am getting inspiration from them as they all collaborate to my ideas.

What is your biggest tip for entrepreneurs?

Do what you can with what you have. The idea is to create a demand of something that people didn't know they needed or wanted this morning when they woke up. Always be grateful, be mindful and be kind, and most important of all "Always keep smilin'.

5, 10, 50 years down the line when you've achieved everything you aspire for today, where do you see yourself?

I always hope to have new goals and more achievements. I don't ever see myself stopping. I will always be creating some sort of content.

Evelyn Pelczar | Elite.

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