RECESS Brings Elite Entrepreneurs And Kaskade To Michigan State University

Michigan State University will host the first-ever college touring “music and ideas festival” known as RECESS on Friday, April 19th 2013 at the Ag Expo.

This epic evening of musical celebration aims to unite the minds behind the most popular creations in the worlds of fashion, technology, art and entrepreneurship to mold the collective endeavors that will shape the future of these industries.

The festival’s name comes from the mischievous childhood activity that let our idealistic spirits run free without the limits of authority. Recess was the moment we all looked forward to in school because we were able to work together to bring our collective imaginations to life.

This is the primary objective of this ground breaking concert and career fair, to fuel the creative ambitions of prospective business leaders and trend setters. It’s time that college students were reminded that building their own individual playgrounds and showing their peers the beauty of their capabilities is the true key to success in this ever changing universe.

Headlining the performances will be Kaskade and Project 46. Kaskade has been named America’s No.1 DJ by DJ Times and his latest album, Fire & Ice can be found at the top of the Billboard dance charts along with the iTunes overall albums chart. The artist formerly known as Ryan Raddon has developed a trademark stage show, equipped with his signature melodies and incomparable energy.

Project 46 is quickly becoming the face of the progressive house scene. Their breakthrough album Reasons, which features vocals by Andrew Allen surpassed Tiesto to earn the #1 overall spot on Beatport. Project 46’s unique combination of original beats, remixes, bootlegs and mashups represent the essence of progressive music, delivering a brilliantly innovative sound to their growing fanbase.

The festival’s workshop is called Study Hall, and it boasts a series of speakers including J.J. Colao (Forbes), Matthew Pohlson (Co-founder / Co-CEO, Omaze), Paige Craig (angel investor), Shara Senderoff (CEO, Intern Sushi). Students will learn first-hand what it means to take advantage of the necessary opportunities in order to model their lives after these success stories.

This is the place to discover the path to the career of their dreams and evolve into the people they must become to make a name for themselves in the next years to come.

Tickets are now on sale starting at $25 for students and $30 for public. Tickets are limited in availability for Michigan State students, who must show their student ID at the door for entry.

Tickets can be purchased at

Adam Banks | Elite.