This Is It: Rap Genius Signals Its "True Launch" With New Mobile App


Weeks after being humbled by Google for questionable SEO tactics, Rap Genius has begun making headlines for all the right reasons. This time, the lyrical annotations site is in news after announcing the launch of "Genius," a new mobile app that is available for download in iPhone iOS stores.

The Genius app will allow users to read Rap Genius' massive archive of annotations, which are all attached to the songs, articles, poems and other forms of texts that they explain.

For now, Genius only allows users to read annotations, though Lehman has informed TechCrunch that an upcoming version of the app will allow fans to add their own annotations.


In the mean time, the co-founder will hope that fans will be happy enough with what he says was a highly anticipated app, while the launch itself may just prove to be the first step for Rap Genius to deliver their promise of changing the internet.

Photo credit: Getty Images