Plan Your Night Out Like You Would A Vacation With New App "Night Up"

With a wide variety of apps available on iOS and Google Play stores designed to perfect the aspects on the periphery of your night out on the town, from settling your means of transportation with Uber to setting yourself up with people to meet with Grouper, it's only right that those in search of a good time could guarantee that they receive one when it's actually go time.

Now, with a New York state of mind and a range of partnerships with venues around the city that never sleeps, Night Up, an app that just hit iOS app stores this summer, aims to give its users the opportunity to do just that.

“We’re treating the nightlife space like one would a vacation, allowing users to arrange the desired amenities of their evening in a few simple steps to make for a truly streamlined experience," says CEO Saagar Govil.

NightUp is a full nightlife planning and promo app, available on mobile device and on desktops, which allows users to navigate their way to the perfect evening. Its sleek design and dashboard offer a platform on which patrons can scroll through various promotions and discounted cover rates along with the options of setting up pre-packed VIP bottle services and group entry, all before even stepping out of their homes.

No matter what feature users decide to take advantage of, though, in the wide variety that the app offers, one thing is for certain. Night Up is designed to make the task of perfecting a night out in the Big Apple a much smoother endeavor for both customers and club owners.

"The New York City club scene can be difficult to navigate," Govil added, "so we’re looking to take all the guesswork out of the process by providing a solution that benefits both the users, as well as the venue.”

NightUp currently collaborates with many of the hottest venues such as 49 Grove, Sky Room and Pranna, and while those partnerships may only be exclusive to the New York City area, the idea is very much in place for NightUp to hit the U.S.' biggest markets.

"With 15 clubs already on-board as part of NightUp’s constantly growing selection of on in-app offerings, the platform seeks to widen its growth by diving into the nightlife markets of major cities throughout the United States," a press release read.

To find out more about NightUp, visit and get to planning your night out on the town today.