F*ck Comfort: Why You Have Nothing To Lose But Everything To Gain

When faced with a new situation, have you ever questioned, “What’s the worst that can happen?” Maybe you have to make a decision that could lead you to lose everything — maybe even your life — and you decide to do it anyway.

This risk-taking attitude is characteristic of successful, happy people. Certainty is an illusion that provides society with a sense of security; the prospect of instability — both financial and emotional — can lead people to stray from the path of risk. But, risk-taking is a key element for creating new opportunities; those who indulge are more often fulfilled by their lives.

We can’t know absolute truth or absolute reality, and we certainty can’t absolutely know ourselves. Take advantage of not knowing everything. The wealth of information in our world enables us to endure a life of learning through experience. Every day brings a new opportunity to be a new person. Try something new. Step outside of your comfort zone because you never know what may cross your path.

Too many people live in a bubble that reinforces a risk-averse mentality, which ultimately precludes them from fully developing. The desire for structure and a steady path of certainty often gives way to a steady path toward insanity. Life is short. You will never know it all, nor will you find answers to universal mysteries.

Life itself is a risk — at any given moment, you could lose it all. Forget about the material possessions because those can be taken from you regardless. Sure, buying stuff is great, but there’s more value and meaning in a new experience than there is a new suit or designer handbag. Knowledge and experience make you sharper, smarter and the memories will stick with you forever. Remember that time you went skydiving, or took a road trip, or maybe even moved to a new country? These experiences are the things that make us who we are. The scariest thing you can possibly do is to do nothing.

Identify your biggest fear and then overcome it. If you wanted to ask out some girl for months, but never worked up the courage — just ask. You have nothing to lose except the chance that she’ll agree. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose.