Stream YouTube Videos Onto Your Phone Through Musi

Three high school boys besides doing homework and regularly attending school, have become one of the youngest entrepreneurs of America. The creators of a free music application Musi designed an incredible mobile source to stream music using Youtube.

What was the source of motivation to start Musi application?

 Streaming music on the iPhone sucked -- we wanted to fix that

What distinguishes your app from other available music apps and why do you think it became popular so quickly?

Musi is different from other music streaming apps as it allows you to choose what music you want to listen to. Other streaming apps like Songza and 8-Track's create playlists for you -- they choose the music. Musi is what you want to hear. Our app also uses the worlds largest content library, YouTube - you can't be that.

New and successful entrepreneurs are becoming younger and younger with every upcoming generation. How do you at such a young age manage school and running successful businesses and start-up?

The whole team is still in high school - which means we attend classes everyday. Managing this start-up and our agency I/BX is difficult. We tend to work almost every class -- we usually tether our smartphones to setup an internet connection then hammer through what we need to get done while the teacher is talking. We are all so passionate about what we do, which means that school gets put on pause sometimes.

What would you say were some obstacles you had to face during the early stages of creating Musi?

Aaron is the developer of the app and he had previously talked with a few other designers before working with Christian and myself. When we released Musi, a few of the designers Aaron previously talked to got jealous and sent cease and desist letters. We never took them to seriously. Another obstacle was when our National TV segment aired, we got too much traffic/downloads and our server crashed for a minute.

What advice do you have for young entrepreneurs who are looking to start their own app?

Team up. Musi is a team of 3 -- Aaron is an iOS God, Christian designs, and I do public relations. We each have our own talents but when we work together we achieve our goals.

What form of skill or education is necessary for the young people who want to get their hands in the business?

Success is measured by results, not by how many diplomas you have on your wall. If you want to learn something, teaching yourself is the best way. Have good mentors and surround yourself with very smart people. Do not let a teacher or counselor tell you what to do with your life; if you work hard enough -- you will make your dreams a reality.

What would best prepare one to live the life you live today?

Find what you are passionate about and work incredibly hard at it.

What was the source of motivation to start Musi application?

Streaming music on the iPhone sucked -- we wanted to fix that.

As Musi progresses, are there any other business ventures you plan to conquer in the future?

At this point in time, Christian and I are working studiously on our clients and I/BX Agency at large and Aaron is always doing something cool -- we aren't planning on any new ventures right now, but who knows -- life's crazy.