Here's How To Get Serious Cash Back On Your Taxes, According To An Expert


Guys, it's already March 9, which means one thing: You only have a few weeks left to file your taxes. Sure, that seems like a lot of time, but if you're like most people, you're probably going to stall until the very last minute.

In fact, you may be procrastinating because you're downright afraid to file your taxes.

According to a NerdWallet poll of more than 1,600 adults in the US, 80 percent of taxpayers in the 18-34 demographic say they're fearful about preparing their taxes. Nearly a quarter of those Millennials say their biggest fear is making a mistake on their returns.

Fear not, Millennials. We reached out to the experts at TurboTax to find out where Millennials often go wrong and how you can maximize your return.

For answers, we turned to Lisa Green-Lewis, a CPA and tax expert with TurboTax. She's hella cool and has been doing taxes for more than 14 years.

First off, Lisa says, "A lot of Millennials only have a W-2 and they are paying hundreds of dollars to get their taxes done,” which is a huge no-no. With a few preparation steps, you truly can tackle this like the smart, capable adult you are.

What's the first step all Millennials should take in preparing their taxes?

What are the biggest deductions Millennials tend to miss?

Any advice for what Millennials should do with their refunds?

What about young people with student loans?

How about unemployed Millennials? Can they deduct job hunting expenses?

What about health care?

What if you're running late?

When should we do taxes?

So there you have it: Nothing to fear except losing out on some cold, hard cash.

Still not ready? I'd totally recommend using TurboTax (I'm not getting paid to say this; I've genuinely used it for the better part of a decade and love it). New this year, TurboTax is also allowing users to video chat with tax experts to help answer all your questions.

Happy tax season!

*NOTE: This interview was condensed for length.

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