Lovely Cleans Up The Mess Of Apartment Hunting

Searching for a humble abode can be particularly daunting for members of Gen-Y. As new participants in the home rental market, it can be extremely intimidating for young people to go forth confidently in securing themselves a place to live. Whether it be the search for a college apartment or for a “real life” home, it isn’t an easy process.

That is, until recently. With the introduction of technology and helpful apps, many of the tasks that were once extremely difficult have become a lot easier. In the realm of home rentals, is the app that takes the fear, and the pain, out of rental searching.

Having over half a million active monthly users, Lovely has simplified the rental process. By providing an efficient and user-friendly interface that allows users to browse, track and identify potential rentals, Lovely is bringing more and more people closer to their future residences. What is special about Lovely is its relevance and popularity among Gen-Y users. Its primary user base consists of individuals 18-35, searching for everything from college apartments to their first post-grad homes. Typically users are looking for homes in highly populated city areas like San Francisco, LA, New York, Boston and more.

By formulating their product to work like other popular apps Gen-Y is familiar with, such as features like using Maps to locate potential rentals, Lovely makes it easy for rental newbies to embark on the search process. Using reminders and getting the potential renters in touch with landlords directly also help to make the experience easier and faster for all involved. Lovely’s new feature, the Renter Card, presents renters' information to landlords as a way of establishing a personal connection and helping to increase their chances of landing the property their interested in.

Overall, Lovely is one of those no-fail, foolproof apps that will genuinely make a usually unpleasant and stressful process -- dare we say -- fun and exciting. Taking the stress out of renting a home? That’s just Lovely.