Why Learning To Code Is Necessary Before Starting A New Business

by Liz Rae

There is really nothing to prepare you for what you may encounter when you start a business. There is no college course, no crash session, no mentor and no idol that could be uniquely tailored enough to tell you everything you need to know.

It’s something you just have to find out once you get started.

But you should learn to code before you start.

Yes, you can hire someone to do it for yo, but that takes cash. A new business doesn’t always have extra funds.

There are websites that will give you templates and beautiful designs, but once you start growing, you’ll realize those templates don’t fit your business anymore. You’ll want to add onto them and grow them in ways they weren’t designed, simply because they weren’t designed for you. Your website needs to be as unique as your business is, and the only person who will know how to do that is you.

When I started the wedding business, I didn’t think it was going to grow as quickly as it did. When it did grow, I realized over time that there were pieces of my website I wanted to change.

I wanted it to be living and breathing. I wanted to express what I had been working on, and the path I had been traveling on. I could have added a page or two from the template I had, but that wasn’t enough. The template I had could only do so much, and it was starting to constrict me.

I could have hired a web designer, but I needed all the cash flow I could get.

Then, I realized I could design it exactly the way I wanted to, if I simply knew how to code. No one else was going to see what I was seeing in my head, so if I wanted it, I would have to design it.

I Googled coding courses.

There are tons of free resources, and tons of people who are willing to teach. Just because it’s a trending field doesn’t mean it isn’t a useful one.

Once your business starts growing, you may be able to hire someone to do the work for you. But if you can learn how to create something beautiful and mystical on your own, you can save hundreds of dollars.

Yes, it takes time, but so does running a business. If you don’t have the time to learn how to code, you don’t have the time to be starting an empire.

You can do anything you set your mind to.

Maybe coding isn’t the most thrilling thing on earth. Maybe it will become the most thrilling thing on earth.

Once you learn how to overcome coding, the rest of your business will seem easy. I wish someone had replayed this same advice to me, because I would be so much farther along in my designs and my traffic flow to the site if I had known.

Your business website should be as spectacular as you want it to be. There are resources everywhere, asking you to learn CSS and HTML. An outdated, template-based website will only push people away.

Fascinate people with your work. Fascinate people with your website. Inspire others to learn.

The more you learn, the more you grow. Your business will grow if you can learn the more difficult aspects of designing amazing websites.

Don’t let your startup be held back by lack of knowledge. The information is there; you must want to seek it.