I'm A Hustler, Baby: 5 Ways To Do What It Takes To Rise To The Top

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No one is born a boss, plain and simple.

People have personality traits that make them more prone to becoming go-getters, but we all know friends who never quite reach their full potential.

Then, there are lifestyle, parenting and other environmental factors that contribute to whether or not someone will start working his or her tail off in the future.

However, the biggest and most noticeable difference between the can-dos and the eh-maybe-tomorrows is one very simple thing: mindset.

A mindset, which anyone is capable of, will completely change your life, as we've all seen through countless self-help books, movies and seminars.

This being said, being a hustler is not for the faint of heart. The tips I'm offering have helped me, but in no way show what I've given up, whom I've left behind or illustrate the exhaustion that comes with the conscious decision to make it to the big leagues.

If this isn't your ideal situation, no judgment. I get it and am a little jealous, to be honest.

With the decision comes lifestyle changes, and the best way to go about it is to get it in your head that things are about to get crazy, but it's all part of the process.

Here are five steps to becoming a hustler:

1. Get Used To Being Busy

This is pretty obvious, I know. Not many people realize just how time-consuming working toward a goal/future/position really is.

There will be working lunches, late nights, overtime and a sh*t ton of coffee. Days will turn to weeks, weeks to months — and you know the rest. Time is fleeting, especially when you're busting your ass for something bigger than yourself.

2. Learn To Prioritize Or You'll Die

I'm dramatic, but you get the point. Being busy means you need to schedule and hold yourself accountable. Have a direction for where you want to go and take it. There will always be changes to the plan, but a good sense of direction helps.

It also means making a mental list of what's important to you and putting the effort into said things accordingly. If you enjoy exercising, which is probably the easiest and most accurate example, make time for it by finding classes or a gym with flexible schedules.

May we all be forever grateful for 24/7 gym access.

3. Everyone Knows Something

Networking happens everywhere, and I mean everywhere. The old saying is very true: Everyone knows something you don't know.

They also know someone you don't know, which is helpful in the long run because reputation is a real thing in the working world and will follow you everywhere.

The more people you know, or know you and can vouch for your skills, is just as useful as your degree. Just kidding; it's way more useful than your degree.

4. Step Away From The Jeggings

You heard me. Have you seen a CEO, news anchor or whoever your end-goal-idol is in jeggings at work without it being a complete joke?

The answer is no.

Dressing for the part is a huge factor in being the part! Don't believe me?

I double-dog-dare you to dress like a big shot and walk around your town. You'll start to feel different, and people will notice and treat you accordingly.

5. Risks Come With The Territory

Be ready to risk something — anything, really — when you're on your way to the top. Shake off the nerves; it's natural to be nervous, even if you're the only one who knows just how nervous you are.

Ask for the raise, go to the new office across the country, jump head-first into a project you're not entirely comfortable with. Push your limits then get your shine on.

Being a go-getter is great, challenging and will help you grow. However, it's rather pointless if you're not in love with what you do or don't have direction.

Also, it's a choice, not a trait, so it'll take some getting used to. But, damn, is it worth it.