Get Paid To Party: 5 High-Paying Careers For Social Butterflies

If you're a social butterfly, chances are you love jobs that put you in front of new people on a regular basis.

If you're a party person, a job in the entertainment industry sounds ideal.

There's a wide spectrum of jobs available that are perfect for socialites -- and some of them pay quite handsomely. Here are five high-paying jobs in which you get paid to party and socialize, and what their average salaries are.

1. Public Relations Person

The public relations office in any organization handles all public communications. PR employees send out announcements and newsletters, deliver statements, hold meetings and press conferences and develop marketing programs.

Public relations increasingly involves social media as well, which means you'll get paid to manage and use social accounts.

Public relations can be found in every field, from private sector businesses to the White House. Depending on your area of interest, it's guaranteed you'll find places nearby who need PR work done for them.

Public relations employees make an average of $55,000 per year, but salaries can range well above $100,000 depending on the company you're working for.

2. Event Planner

Event planners coordinate all the details of an event for anything from a private setting to a corporate organization. As an event planner, you will have to figure out what your client wants, then begin planning and preparing for the event weeks ahead of time.

You'll be placing orders, working with entertainment and guests, handling vendors and finances and coordinating everyone involved.

This high-paced job also requires you to think on your feet and be quick to correct emergencies. Average event planning jobs have a median salary of around $47,000, but can range up to $70,000. That's a lot of cash to plan a party.

3. Wine Steward

A wine steward, or sommelier, is in charge of compiling and maintaining a restaurant's wine inventory, educating customers about wine and helping them determine what wine is best for their event.

The career is certainly not easy, although the average salary range of $60,000 to $150,000 is a tempting price tag. Sommeliers must be able to identify wines by tasting them, memorize their inventory list and recite and describe all wines on the list from memory for customers.

Experience and skill are critical for success, but if you can put in the effort to building up the knowledge base required to be a successful sommelier, you can develop an entire career around telling people what kind of wine they should have with their dinner.

4. Casino Manager

Want a high-stakes, high-party job? Work in a casino.

Casino managers are responsible for maintaining the atmosphere of debauchery and spending in casinos.

As a casino manager, you must control security, which is critical to the success of any casino, and keep track of guests as they play.

You are responsible for keeping the gambling, drinking and partying safe and legal, but also responsible for handling any customer needs or issues as they arise. Casinos are always on, and you will have ample opportunity to get your fill of party culture in the position.

In Las Vegas, your salary will average $200,000 a year. Now that's a good paycheck.

5. Engagement Manager

An engagement manager develops positive relations with vendors or clients. They're the ones wooing companies with wine-and-dine events, parties and intimate gatherings to promote social business.

As an engagement manager, you will meet with clients over coffee, attend company events in big conference cities, such as San Diego or Austin and handle customer service or vendor relationship

issues as they come up.

You will be responsible for relations that handle the flow of money, making them critical to any organization, which means it is crucial that you can successfully woo people into contracts and deals.

And if you are good enough at the job, you can make over the national average of $102,000.

If you want a social job, you have a variety of options available to you. If you want a high-paying job, you have more options still. But jobs that combine both are not always available.

These jobs listed are some of the best ways to put you in front of plenty of people while still bringing in an excellent salary.