News Design Makes Touchscreens More Accessible

by Evelyn Pelczar

Brothers Sol and Oscar Hedaya, creators of, have discovered a more innovative and fresh take on the touch screen gloves. By creating their own MagLove technology and a desire for fashionable and effective gloves, Sol and Oscar redefine geek chic.

What qualities do you look for in a potential business partner?

Someone with a completely different set of skills and perspective. But at the same time, someone who is on the same page, someone trustworthy, someone who you can see eye to eye with day after day.

What was your source of motivation in starting

As stylish geeks, the lack of good, stylish, warm touchscreen gloves became a personal pain to us. We focused on creating the optimal balance of material, stylish looks, warmth,and function.

What formal education or training do you feel could have best prepared you for the life you live today?

The biggest thing is general knowledge. Be interested in everything. Learn from everything. Be flexible. Read about successes and what works. It's about attitude, not training.

You've surely faced some ups and downs, how have you learned how to deal with failures that everyone experiences?

Having a partner and a firm goal. The partner really helps you feel you're not the only person going through problems. It is a huge motivator, as each partner can prop up the other.

What was the turning point in your life when you understood that success can only be guaranteed if it's in your hands?

We came of working age during the recession. Huge companies and small companies alike were laying all our friends off and there seemed to be no safety anywhere. I think that definitely gave us a sense of self-reliance.

Between entrepreneurship and innovation, the family seems to set out to be leaders. Who are the individuals that still inspire you today?

We are inspired by product designers who make beautiful objects that hide incredible functions, like Yves Behar and Jonny Ive. They show that technology can be functional and beautiful.

What core values do you hold to be important for people creating their own brand?

Same advice you would give to your daughter: don't slut it up. Know who you are, who you're going after, and what you want to be and focus everything to that audience.

What is a dream accomplishment that you still aspire for?

The things we can do with our phones, with 3D Printers, with the Internet, with medical research, space flight: these are god-like powers compared to the whole rest of human history. And they'll bring huge opportunities to make society better. does that, in a focused way, and we'll keep looking towards our next step in that direction.

Where do you wish to see in the future and how to do you plan to achieve those goals?

Our goal for is nothing less than being on every pair of hands. Period. Everyone you know has a touch screen. There is absolutely no reason anyone should ever buy a "dumb-glove" when you can get a warm, stylish, inexpensive glove that you can answer your phone with.

With other brands such as North Face coming up with gloves that allow you to use your smartphones, how does differ?

We came up with MagLove technology, a cleverly hidden magnet in each cuff so that the gloves won't separate in your pockets or bag. No glove on the market has that. Secondly, most "touch" gloves have these terrible, ugly, bulky silver pads on your fingers. They don't work well, and if you use any other part of your hand they don't work at all. is delicately woven with real silver threading, as part of the design, which allows you to use your touch-screen phone with your whole hand, rather than just the tips.

Visit their website to order your gloves.

Evelyn Pelczar | Elite.